A Tennis Champion’s Holiday in Palma Mallorca

A trip to tennis legend Rafael Nadal’s home country is the perfect place for a tremendous tennis getaway. In particular, the beautiful island of Mallorca is a smashing location for a weekend of game, set, and match action! The island has long been famed for its spectacular coastline and charming stone villages, but more recently it has found itself centre stage (or should I say court) on the world tennis circuit. This is thanks largely to the Legends Cup in the Capital of Palma, which has nurtured an island of tennis players and enthusiasts. It is reflected in the burgeoning array of tennis clubs and related activities all over the island.

Legends Cup

They call it the Legends Cup for a reason: legends really are made at this very tournament. The event itself takes place annually from 4th-7th of October in the cooler autumnal season. That said, the weather is still fantastic and very enjoyable for spectators and players alike. The surface of the courts in this tournament (and indeed for most of Spain and southern Europe) is outdoor clay. This is a surface that will be slightly foreign to most UK tennis players, so it’s worthwhile to come and see what its effects are on the game.

This is not one of the bigger Open competitions so it has a slightly friendlier atmosphere. Stripped of the aggressive media teams, the Legends Cup is an event for avid tennis fans only. So if you’re someone who wants to make that extra step into the tennis world, this truly is the tournament for you.

The main court at the competition hosts a healthy 1,200 seats, giving you a very good chance of having a spectacularly close encounter with some of the world’s greatest tennis stars. This unprecedented access is far removed from the hazy right-at-the-back-of-the-stands view many tennis fans are accustomed to at the bigger tournaments. If you like what you see at the tournament you can also become a member of the Palma Sport & Tennis Club, for a relatively reasonable fee.

Sunball Tennis Academy

The world famous Sunball Tennis Academy in the island’s capital Palma is the ideal venue to put the moves seen in the aforementioned tournament into action. The school is based in ten European countries, making a reputation for itself as a centre of tennis excellence. Here you’ll be taught by coaches who made it to the professional level, and they’ll guide you through developing your unique playing style. All this is topped off by year-round sunshine, making rain delays a thing of the past.

How to Get There

Mallorca is one of Spain’s most popular islands and is therefore well serviced by a variety of cruise companies and ferries. If you don’t quite have time to enjoy an ocean trip, flights are available direct to the airport just five miles east of Palma. Flight times average a comfortable two and a half hours. A convenient Mallorca airport transfer is the best method of transport to get your tennis holiday off to a swinging start.

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