Go Off Track and Discover Mallorca’s Most Beautiful Small Towns

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Mallorca is a beautiful island and has remained popular among summer holidaymakers for many years. However, despite this influx of travellers throughout the peak months, many tend to disregard the hidden gems that lie further afield from the central tourist spots.

Here are some of the most authentic towns and villages just waiting to be explored by those who enjoy a more off-the-beaten-track holiday experience.


If you enjoy exceptional views from high mountain peaks, then the tiny village of Galilea must be added to your itinerary. Set 460m above sea level, this beautiful location is serenely quiet and rarely has any visitors. Besides a handful of tapas bars, some rustic properties and a beautiful eighteenth-century church, the village simply offers its glorious views across the verdant landscapes and the Mediterranean.


The narrow cobbled streets of this hilltop village are wonderfully authentic, and compliment beautifully the stone houses topped with red tiles that make up most of the village’s architecture. The nearby orchards release a refreshing citrus scent through the streets, which slowly blends into the mouth-watering aromas that start to emanate from the quality restaurants in the afternoons. This mountainous location is definitely one to visit if you’re looking for raw authenticity.


The perfect place to spend the day – this picturesque town has everything you could wish for, from quaint streets to luxury hotels and even a pebbled beach lining the inviting waters. With a choice of excellent restaurants serving fresh seafood and several stylish boutiques, this town is one of Mallorca’s heavenly hiding places.

Several Hollywood stars and other famous faces have been said to have spent holidays in Deià, and English poet Robert Graves is actually buried in the village graveyard.


This town has been well preserved, with its fourteenth-century castle still standing majestically on the hilltop. The ancient walls surrounding the town give it an untouched, authentic feel, and the countryside landscape adds to the traditional charm. Visitors have a genuine insight into the lives of the locals and the lack of tourism features make it an even more memorable place to visit.

How to Get There

From the London area, the easiest option is to fly into Mallorca airport. Transfer from here to your chosen accommodation and you will be able to start your holiday in no time. The flight should last around two and a half hours, and if you pre-book a shuttle, the Mallorca airport transfer will take no more than 40 minutes if you’re staying in a central location.

Find your inner adventurer and explore these Mallorcan gems before everyone else finds out that they’re there! Enjoy the peace while it lasts – you may not find locations like these anywhere else…

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