A Review of Wooden Beads

There are very many questions asked about wooden beads concerning their suitability for jewelry making. Some people doubt whether they are durable and others don’t believe that they offer anything meaningful to the users. Well, you don’t have to cast such aspersions on these beads because they are highly recommended for jewelry making. If you don’t believe, read through this article because it will review all such information.

Beads made of wood are durable

On the question of durability, it all depends on the type of tree that you have taken the raw material from. Is it a hardwood or softwood? Both species and many others have varying durability levels and that has to be duly considered. The durability value of wood also matters on where the trees were grown because of the climatic conditions. For instance, you will find wooden beads made from trees in Asian continent are of different durability with those from continents like Africa or America.

Generally, wood is a durable material for jewelry making by high standards as compared to other materials. There are cases where the durability of wood is compromised by factors like exposure to direct sunlight or rain water. That narrows down to good care which you should be in a position of guaranteeing. If you are capable of taking good care of your wooden beads, they will serve you for decades and decades to come without getting damaged. You just need to be extra careful on how you handle them.

For enhanced safety, experts recommend that beads made of wood are coated and using a protectant will be ideal. Through that, they will get to last for even longer than you had imagined. Does doing that interfere with natural looks of the wooden beads? It might to some extent and it might not as well. This is because the coating just offers protection and does not interfere with the whole composition of the wood material. It is flexible such that you can remove the coating whenever you feel like or replace once it’s worn out without damaging the beads.

Keep beads shiny

You should not watch as your beads lose the gloss without taking decisive action for restoring the shiny finish. That will be the surest way to make sure your wooden beads serve the rightful role for your jewelry. If you overlook anything to that effect, you will have only yourself to blame once you fail to get right value in return. In short, you will be fully responsible for how good your beads will be when used for jewelry.
In this review, it will be incomplete without touching on the aspect of cost. Wooden beads are known to be cheaper over many other types and that will be a big influence on your decision. There will be no need for a big budget to buy your beads because it’s possible to make purchase with even minimal of finances. Cost should not be a major worry to you any time in the market.

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Author: Aronno Bhowmick