A niche way to direct your website traffic via the niche directory sites

If your website belongs to a particular market then niche directories are always good to submit your website to, a list of niche directories can be found at directoryready.com. When someone uses the World Wide Web for example they may type a description into Google, maybe something like “painter and decorator new York” then if your business is highly ranked, it should appear near the top of the search results. It is known that most internet users once submitting a search, will only look at the first half dozen of results generated, this is why it’s important that your website is highly ranked. A niche directory is the right course to take because you belong to a particular field of expertise, and you want the people searching in that area and interest to find you and your business.

When they click are you their pick

You want your website to be recognized amongst the thousands out there in the market place, and you need your website to be highly ranked in the top ten of Google, yahoo, MSN or any other search engine your customer may use. You need only the customers who will be interested in your website or business, not someone who will click on your site, realize it’s not what they are looking for and then leave. It may be possible that someone who isn’t first interested may click on your site, and then decide to purchase your product. But that is unlikely too, so it would be better for you to have only the interested parties be lead to your website, this in turn gives you a much better chance of generating a lead.

You get what you pay for

Usually a paid directory is the correct way to go when entering a niche subject; you want your customers to recognize you for your website, your feedback, your customer service. You want the customer to return again and again, and also spread the word about the fantastic service you provide. The customer has to trust your abilities to mean what you say, and also to deliver on time, not just with your products but also to be able to deliver on your promises. Trust is a big issue in this as in any business relationship, but customers who are interested in your particular field of expertise are more likely to buy, than someone who was looking for something entirely different.

Visiting time extended

The visitor wants to enter the search word, be displayed with the results, click on the appropriate link, and then be directed to your site so they can view exactly what you have on offer.

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