A much awaited and wanted site in the field of realty has finally arrived. www.provyoo.com fills that much wanted void where the public and the builders share a platform. It is in fact, a site for the people, by the people where the people can review the commercial or residential sites/ properties as well as locations and cities.

In the past, whatever realty sites have been there, they have been mostly buy/sell portals. None of them give comprehensive and independent overview of the property to the buyers. Now, if Mr A, transferred from Bangalore to Delhi, logged into portal, liked the details of a property on a site, the first thought that crosses his mind is if the locality is good ,that the RWA not merely advertises but delivers the services and the other worries and anxieties. It is here that Provyoo steps in. Here not only one can read about the salient features of a property, posted by builders but at the same time, it has reviews from the residents and the buyers of that property. Not only this, it will also carry reviews about the builders thereby helping you make your choice.

All of us who have been buyers or tenants of a property someplace, have some time or the other gone through with this feeling, after having invested or shifted, ‘ If only I knew this earlier….’ These fears and apprehensions are addressed by www.provyoo.com as it aims to send you well armed with information about the residential/ commercial property or locality which you invest in with your hard earned money. It’s the only comprehensive site on realty where the buyers and sellers meet on neutral ground and strengthens the investor and makes him powerful, powered by knowledge.

Now, as it’s a site for the public, by the public, people are requested to visit the site and register themselves and post reviews about any kind of property, residential/ commercial so that an informed community is formed and people learn about the property before they invest their hard earned money into one. So, what’s stopping you: log into www.provyoo.com and inform and be informed!

Share your experience, opinion, views and recommendations with millions waiting to hear from you for existing & upcoming residential, commercial or other properties, localities, cities, real estate builders and consultants , architects, engineers, material suppliers and other real estate professionals all over the globe.

Provyoo is growing into world’s largest Real Estate reviews & recommendation Website, enabling people from all around the world to Buy or Rent a Perfect dream home or office or any type of property.



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