A Guide to Finding the Perfect Beach For You in Menorca

The first thing most people think about when you mention Menorca is picturesque beaches with fine sand gently giving way into clear azure waters. That’s because when most people think about Menorca, they imagine the perfect beach holiday.

With more than 130 beaches around its coastline, there is a beach for every mood and personality: bustling, busy beaches with bars and water sports, quiet coves for solitary sunbathing, and pretty much every kind of beach in between.

So instead of spending your entire holiday hidden away in your own private villa in Menorca, tempting as that might be, try to spend at least one or two days exploring the island’s beautiful beaches.

Plan Ahead

With so many pretty beaches from which to choose, one of the most difficult decisions could be which one to visit. If you’re looking for a secluded beach for peace and quiet, you won’t want to leave the tranquil haven of your villa in Menorca to find yourself swarmed by tourists at one of the island’s busier resorts. The solution is to make sure you do a little research before you set off.

It’s always worth checking out the weather, and particularly the wind direction, before you go. Sometimes strong winds from the north can make the beaches there very windy, which means you’re best off finding a sheltered cove or heading south.

Think about transport. If you’re driving, go online and find out if the beach you’ve selected has parking (many do) and how far you may have to walk from where you park to the beach itself. If you’re taking a bus, then make sure you get a map of local bus stops so you can be sure of being dropped off near the beach you’ve selected.

Check Out The Facilities

It’s all very well planning to spend the day on an idyllic little beach away from the crowds, but it’s worth remembering some of the secluded beaches won’t have refreshment stalls or restaurants. In that case, you might want to consider packing a picnic.

The quieter beaches are also unlikely to have toilet facilities. If that is a problem, you’d be better off looking for one of the officially designated beaches which will have toilet facilities.

Think about what you want to do on the beach when you get there. If you just want to lie in the sun and read your book, then you can travel light, but if you’ve got children in tow it may be worth packing some games, a ball and other things to amuse them if there are no playgrounds or children’s facilities nearby.

Some of the Best Beaches

Everyone has their own criteria for what makes the perfect beach, but here’s my selection of the best beaches Menorca has to offer.

Cala Galdana – Close to Ferreries, this wide cove surrounded by hotels and resorts is a bustling, lively beach with lots of facilities.
Cala en Tortuga – For a more rugged, rural beach, Cala en Tortuga, close to the Favàritx Lighthouse, is slightly off the beaten track.
Cala’n Forcat – A beautiful narrow beach surrounded by cliffs, this is a great place to come to get out of the wind or just for a bit of sun worshipping on the rocks.
Son Bou – The longest (and many say the best) beach on the island. Simply bliss.
Cala Mitjana – Situated on the southern side of the island and consistently rated one of Menorca’s most picturesque beaches.
Next time you visit this beautiful Balearic island, make sure you take time to look beyond your villa in Menorca to the picturesque beaches around its shores. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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