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Need some inspiration for your 2019-2020 bucket list? We have 5 great iconic ideas to check out below.

Travelling the world and seeing it in all its glory wouldn’t be complete without that one (or more) amazing photograph that you can reminisce and brag about. Photographs of our travels often create that certain sense of nostalgia, taking you back in time to re-experience the sights, sounds, smells, culture and the people you met while you were there. These days, of course, a lens-heavy and very expensive camera is often replaced with the latest iPhone or Samsung snap-snap phone-camera, yet the feelings they evoke will still last for a lifetime.

This week, we share our 5 MUST SEE World landmarks, located in some of the most awe-inspiring yet easy to get to locations. Let’s go!

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
The Angkor temple complex is one of Southeast Asia’s most significant historic sites featuring over 400 kilometres of a civilisation lost. Standing proud is the magnificent Angkor Wat, a serene temple of unbelievable stature and beauty. This architectural masterpiece is but an important reminder of Cambodia’s ancient Khmer Empire’s cultural, artistic, and religious civilisation.

Angkor Wat signifies an earthly model of the cosmic world, with the tallest central tower standing in for “Meru”, a mythical mountain found in the centre of the universe. Being here is a truly humbling experience. The ancient temple rambles away from you as you wander from jungle covered stones to cool, dark hidden spaces honouring humanity’s place in the vastness of the cosmos. Angkor Wat is a MUST SEE – add this to your bucket list.

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Taj Mahal, India
Witness one of the greatest physical manifestations of love in this ivory-white mausoleum of beauty. The Taj Mahal stands large in the landscape as a tall testament to this region’s rich heritage. Arguably one of the most admired architectural masterpieces in history, photographs, brochures, and online images simply don’t it the justice it deserves. You have to be here, experience it in person. The simple yet stunning rhythmic combination of concave and convex arches and domes casting shimmering shadows and light-filled accents are a marvel to behold. Paired with delicate and intricate inlays and relief stonework are a testament to the 17 long years it took to create such an awe-inspiring monument. Accentuating its beauty further is a vast Mughal garden, the Yamuna River, and ancient tombs and mausoleums, all complemented by colourful bustling marketplaces and the daily lives of the locals lucky enough to live nearby.

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Machu Picchu, Peru
Sunrise over the ruins of Machu Picchu is such a spectacular moment that many travellers set out at 4AM to bathe in its golden promise. The Incan city of Machu Picchu is considered by many as a life changing experience and is one of the most visited monuments of the new world in the South America. This historic site is a demonstration of Incan ingenuity, who built the city high on a mountain top without the aid of wheels or iron tools. Because of this, it was named as one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World and a definite bucket list contender.

Climbing so high, you’ll be greeted by picture-perfect scenes of Peruvian sweeping vistas and stunning mountain ranges, all while basking in the beauty of the Incan citadel right before you. Machu Picchu is not for the faint-hearted as it is a sturdy climb, however part of the way is by rail, you can opt for traditional mules, donkeys or horses to get you to the top and oxygen is readily available along the way because of the altitude. Still interested? The sunrise over the site is worth more than words can say.

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Great Wall of China
One of man’s greatest triumphs in engineering and architecture stands squarely in China – and it’s huge. Stretching over several provinces and cities, the wall was originally used to defend the country’s northernmost border from nomadic tribes. Now of course it’s one of China’s (if not the world’s) most well-known and impressive tourist attractions, alongside the imposing Terracotta Warriors of Xian. It’s good to note that the Great Wall isn’t just one wall, but a collection of fortifications, giving you a number of points of access – the most popular sections with easy approach being near Beijing.

As one of the most prominent monuments in the world, more than 10 million people visit every year, so tackling it by yourself may be a little daunting. Most tours, however, will include a visit to Beijing, with a day tour to this historical hotspot – the ultimate spot to be on any China holiday.

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The Colosseum, Rome
Italy is synonymous with great coffee, amazing pasta, and beautiful people. It’s cosmopolitan piazza’s lead you into narrow cobblestoned streets steeped in history. Speaking of history, let’s talk Roman architecture. Specifically, the Colosseum. Its name means and sounds huge, because it is. The biggest amphitheatre in the Roman world, the Colosseum filled with cheering crowds for powerful, fighting gladiators, re-enactments of well-known battles, exotic animal spectacles – even a naval battle complete with water and ships! Amazing!

Located east of the Roman Forum, on a huge traffic roundabout (yes you can drive right by her!), this larger-than-life amphitheatre still offers visitors an electrifying sight, and her recent renovations are sure to draw crowds in once again. A picture-perfect photograph alongside the Colosseum is a must… you might even have the luck to spot a Roman centurion nearby – what a picture that would be!

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