A guide to designing an exquisite Aqua Ring

Engagement is a very important occasion for us all. We have so many doubts in our mind when we decide to pop the question to our lady love. Is it the right time? Is it the right place and one very important one is, Is this the engagement ring of her dreams? Though engagement ring is just the start of a commitment to get the best thing for her and you dont want to falter at the very onset. This article will help you in designing a unique and stunning aqua ring that will simply entice her to say a “Yes!”

Love cannot be expressed in words, it is a feeling that simply makes everything wonderful and if only we can get an engagement ring that can bring out this inexpressible beauty. The best way to do this is that you customize your ring so that it is not something that is available on any jewelry store. As you are not a jewelry designer you will need a jeweler to create this ring. All you have to do is suggest some changes in the ring to make it truly unique.

Why to pick an Aqua Ring

We are going to help you in designing your unique engagement ring and trust us you will thank us because it is going to be truly rewarding experience. So, lets make the start, as the title mentions we are going to make an Aquamarine ring, why? Because it brings the vision of the roaring of waves as Aquamarine is the gem of the sea and personifies the spirit of the cool and pleasing water. The beauty of this gem will simply melt her heart away. The gemstone is not as expensive as the diamonds but its brilliant beauty matches with that of the diamonds.

Now dont rush the things, this ring will be with you for a very long time so try and cherish every moment of designing this ring. So now you have to find the jeweler who will help you create the ring. Tell him your idea of the ring and what shape and size of centre stone you require so that he can pick out the right stone for you.

Now the next step is to pick out the setting, for this you will have choose a metal it can be silver, gold or platinum. Platinum is the best option if you can afford it otherwise white gold is equally good if not the best. If you are really romantic you can even opt for rose gold. The pink color of this metal make it an uber cool romantic gift.

Now how the Aquamarine will be set on the band is decided by the setting you choose. Here again four prong setting is the most popular choice but if you want to be different you can also go for channel or pave setting.

Things to keep in mind while deciding the budget for the ring

A standard price for the ideal engagement ring is that it should be equal to the guys two month salary or if we put is in a different way the guy should buy a ring worth his two months salary. There are many couples who compromise on the budget for their ring. However, we will advice that you should give engagement ring a fair share in your budget as you will be wearing this ring for many, many years, but your wedding itself will last just a single day.

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