26658A brief guide for buying ladies’ one-piece swimwear online

A casual stroll to a Westside beach or any of the popular pools in Hollywood and you will get the drift that the time for sporty one-piece swimsuits is here. It’s all about quirky prints and plunging necklines that have attracted a lot of female fashionistas towards them and hence have become en vogue on the western coast. But the common misconception among the ladies seems to be that as the one-piece offers more fabric they in turn must provide a better fit than the alternative two-piece. Well, although one-pieces are universally flattering they are not quite forgiving as one might think of them.

The problem

According to most celebrity stylists it is the one-pieces that are harder to pull off than the bikinis. They tend to cut your body in the most unflattering areas and hence you feel more pressure to be in proper shape to pull off the popular range of sporty one-piece swimsuits that are in fashion at the moment. But that must not discourage you to join the trend and get the perfect monokini that suits you best. Below are a few expert tips that will aid you in finding the proper ladies one-piece swimwear online.

1. For the ones having small chest

Most ladies with small yet attractive chest are ready to sacrifice steady support for a more challenging and daring cut. They can simply go for the deep-V, plunging one-piece style. It is simply flattering, chic and quite simple and blends beautifully on girls with smaller chest. It also manages to create a fine line that provides the illusion that the wearer is showing a lot of skin which translates into appearing sexy while being an easy to wear sporty one-piece swimsuit.

2. For the busty one

This one goes without saying and almost everyone must know of this trick. A larger chest needs an ample one-piece to make it appear flattering. Choosing a one-piece suit having an underwire is the trick. It provides a lot of support as well as it keeps the one-piece in place and manages to provide a cleaner shape. All credit goes to the underwire that is provided.

3. For the Ruler shape

The name itself implies that the body type is straight up and down with a slight difference between their hips, waist and shoulders. But fortunately, there is a swim trend which has presently cropped up this year for your body type. Cutouts is the trend for all you ladies with a ruler type body. A monokini or even a retro style keyhole, all cutouts provide an illusion of curves on the lady’s body

4. For the Apple body

For the Apple body type where your waist appears to be wider than your bust and hips choosing a suit having a ruching in the mid area along with a lower neckline is probably the best type for you. It will surely provide a flattering shape and hence open up the area around your chest.

5. For the carrot shape

Wide shoulders tapering down to a slimmer waist and even slimmer hips means that your body resembles the carrot type. Now you will then get to try out a print that appears to be greatly intimidating to many other body types. The horizontal stripes sporty one-piece swimsuit is the one for you. The horizontal stripes will make your hips appear larger and hence create a balance with your shoulders.

Buying the perfect sporty one piece swimsuits is a lot of trouble if you don’t know what to look for. Follow the guidelines provided above and go out there and buy the perfect ladies one piece swimwear online .

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