6 Major Benefits of Steel Storage Tanks

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At the Blake Group in Edinburgh, we specialise in designing and manufacturing a wide range of steel storage tanks.  Our tanks can be used for storing all types of liquids safely and securely, including oil, fuel and chemicals.

Top 6 reasons that we believe steel is the best material for storage tanks.

1. Durability & Longevity

A steel tank is strong and robust and will require very little maintenance, lasting far longer than a plastic tank. Damage to a steel tank can be easily repaired, whereas a plastic tank is often unusable once damaged.

2. Environmentally Friendly

It is good to know that a steel tank is an environmentally-friendly choice.  Steel is 100% recyclable and often made from salvaged scrap, greatly reducing its environmental footprint. Another reason it is environmentally friendly is that steel is hard to damage, reducing the risk that of a leak into the surrounding environment. A damaged plastic tank will fail catastrophically, whereas a steel tank will not, allowing valuable time to prevent any pollution from spreading.

3. Security

Diesel Fuel Dispensing Tanks

Unfortunately, with the rise in the cost of fuel, it has become a target for theft.  Thieves will always steal from the easiest and quickest option so tend to target plastic tanks.  A well designed Blake Group fuel dispensing steel tank is very difficult to break into so can save you money in the long run. Steel tanks are also less likely to be damaged by vandalism.

4 Aesthetics

A steel storage tank is not only long-lasting and highly durable but can look great too.  With a wide range of colours and paint finishes, your steel tank will look new for many years.

5. Customisation
waste oil storage tank
At the Blake Group, we design our bespoke storage tanks to meet the requirements of the client.  They will be made to the exact size specified in the shape required, including cylindrical, cuboid, or even a non-standard shape.  Steel is ideal for manufacturing into any shape and size.

6. Cost

With steel requiring very little maintenance and having such a long lifespan, the cost over the life of the tank is often actually lower than that of other materials such as plastic.


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