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Why is there a whole post on how to write an article? Don’t we already know how to do that? Of course we do know how to write articles; what this post is about, is how to write articles better.

Writing an article is a tricky business unlike it sounds. If you’re doing it for some trivial level or for your own self, then you need not be that considerate. But if you’re writing an article with an objective that you expect will serve some purpose or if you’re writing for some higher level of academic institution and there are grades at stake, you need to follow some basics to ensure that your article is up to the standards required.

There are some very basic pointers that will give you an excellent article if kept in mind while writing one. Following these will never leave you requesting ‘please write my paper.’ To mention a few:

Opening with a Quote or a Question

This is one of the fail-safe techniques to draw readers to your article. If you catch them in your very first sentence, there is a very high chance that they will read through your article. Begin your article with a question that will trap the readers in, or a quote that is attractive enough to compel the readers to read and find out the reason you mentioned the quote.

Research Well

Researching properly is very important before you even start with the draft. The readers today are very intellectual and can very easily pick up that whether or not you have an in depth knowledge on the subject or not. So you need to gather all the facts and figures that would support you argument in the article. Attractive style of writing is as necessary while writing an article as maintaining the quality of the description.

Do not linger

The tendency to linger in the context of writing can be explained when a writers spends too much time explaining the context in the introduction. This can be boring and sometimes lead to readers abandoning your article. After a short and sweet introduction, jump directly into explaining the subject. Leave some work for the readers to do; they are smart enough to comprehend the context of the article.

Startle the readers

Throw in some statistic or figure or fact that amazes the reader. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and a guarantee that your article will be able to serve the purpose that you intended it to. Everyone likes to be swept off their feel – it’s a fact. Capitalize on this, and more than half the job is done.

Conclude Firmly

This is very important to leave a lasting impression on the readers. In your conclusion, there should be space for an alternative point of opinion, but that does not mean that you should defer from your point. You should stand your ground; this makes the readers admire your write-up and as well as your point of view. Use polite statements to conclude your article so that no reader should feel offended after reading it.

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