5 Reasons To Choose A Infant Temperature Monitor

Being a parent brings with it an unparalleled sense of responsibility and a duty greater than any other. To care for another human being and to have them be completely dependent on you is something that non-parents cannot fully comprehend. As a mother or father, it is natural to worry often about your child and to go above and beyond to guarantee their safety and security.

There are products on the market that can help with making sure that you are able to check up on and care for your child on a greater level. A newly developed baby monitor that checks your baby’s heart rate and skin temperature will help to put your mind at ease by keeping you informed of your baby’s vital signs.

Developed by a team of professionals, including a surgeon and a general practitioner, Baby’s Fairy comes in the form of an adjustable, bio-compatible silicone bracelet for your child and a separate monitor that allows you to keep track of the vital signs of your baby. With wireless communication within a range of 30 meters, you can be sure that your child is safe and well, and will be alerted if anything is unusually wrong.

Both the bracelet and monitor contain rechargeable built-in that can be recharged using a micro USB connection. Both devices communicate with one another wireless and with the LCD screen of the base unit, you are able to monitor the temperature and heart rate of your infant at all times. With 24 hour autonomy, you have the option to turn the monitor on and off at your own will.

The device that measures your child’s temperature and heart rate will let you know instantly whether or not your baby is coming down with a fever or other illness. By monitoring the skin temperature of your child you will know if, and be alerted when, their body temperature reaches above 38°c or drops below 35.5°c. It will also alert you if your child’s heart rate is abnormal by raising the alarm if it exceeds 165 beats per minute or slows down to below 60.

The handy unit will also let you know if the bracelet is out of range, or if either of the devices is running low on battery so you know when to charge it. If you prefer, you have the option to mute the alarm.

It is important to remember, however, that temperature and heart rate monitors alone are not medical devices and that if you feel that your child is sick or something is not right, it is recommended that you take them to see a healthcare professional.

An infant temperature monitor is one of the best ways to ensure that you are aware of your child’s well-being and can check up regularly to make sure that nothing is wrong and that they aren’t getting sick. With Baby’s Fairy‘s set, you can take it easy knowing that your baby’s vital signs are being monitored accurately.

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