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If you’re thinking, “new year, new kitchen,” you’re not alone! Many home owners ring in the new year with the resolution to finally start that long-overdue kitchen revamp. But where do you even begin? The floors? The appliances? The countertops? With so many aspects to consider, it’s easy to see why many people are exhausted by the mere thought of planning their remodel. If you’re hoping to start the project on the right foot, though, it’s often best to first choose high-quality yet affordable kitchen cabinets, which are bound to influence the style of the rest of the room. To help you make a decision that meets – and exceeds – your requirements, our experts are here to share their top four considerations with you. Read on and choose wisely!

1. The Material

The look and durability of your cabinets is largely determined by its material. Although the standard choice of wood makes for aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and affordable kitchen cabinets, innovative materials such as titanium and SoftStoneTM have increased in popularity. While titanium is light-weight, robust, and low-maintenance, SoftStoneTM is sound-reducing, has a leather look and feel, and perfectly cushions glasses and plates. In order to make a choice that you’ll be happy with for years to come, considering your priorities is key. For example, are aesthetics or functionality – or a balance – more important to you? When in doubt, you may want to weigh out the pros and cons together with an experienced kitchen designer.

2. Your Budget

Perhaps most importantly, don’t fall in love with cabinets before looking at the price tag. Setting yourself a realistic budget is crucial for ensuring that your choice not only results in beautiful but also affordable kitchen cabinets. This consideration will help you narrow down the materials to options that are within your price range, as well as giving your designer a clearer sense of your requirements.

3. The Storage

If your kitchen’s storage space is limited, consider how and whether your new cabinets could alleviate this issue. Instead of opting for traditional cabinets that open via front doors, fully extending pull-out drawers are often a viable alternative. This option not only allows you to use every inch of the drawer as storage space, but also enables you to view its entire descriptions in one, quick glance – and without bending down! Space maximized and time saved…what’s not to love?

4. The Style

As cabinets take up a significant portion of your kitchen, their style frequently dictates the space’s overarching style. While practicality, sturdiness, and budget should always factor into the equation, choosing a style that’s in line with your personal taste is equally important. Whether a modern or traditional style (or even a mix between the two) floats your boat, be sure to decide on a look that you like – regardless of whether it’s the latest design craze or not. If you’re unsure of what would best suit your space, looking through a few kitchen magazines or visiting a showroom is certain to inspire you.

By doing your homework and considering the tips above, choosing striking, durable, and affordable kitchen cabinets becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3. So, why not transform your new year’s resolution into action? Ready, set, remodel!

Caroline Krogh-Jensen is a co-founder of BauBox, a manufacturer of high-quality yet affordable kitchen cabinets based in California. With over a decade of experience in the furniture industry, she has built up an outstanding reputation for helping her clients design that exceed their highest expectations, always striking the perfect balance between comfort and class.

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