3 Popular Flying Myths Heard During Business Travel

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When it comes down to flying, there are lots of preconceived misunderstandings. Even frequent fliers have it mistaken in some cases. From germ-filled air to reduced safety and more, there are a handful of myths surrounding business travel that someone needs to debunk sooner or later.

” Plane air is making me sick.”


This one is just basically not true. On the contrary, the air in your cabin is most likely cleaner than the air you inhale a common office complex. This is due to the hospital-grade air filters that help sterilize recirculated air.

If you’re getting ill on planes, it’s likely due to your contact with door handles, tray tables and so on. Hand sanitizer can aid lessen this risk!


” Plane crashes are becoming more likely.


Again– this is totally untrue. Sadly, with 3, back-to-back-to memorable crashes from Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, travelers are second-guessing flying as their mode of transport.

The fact is that business travel continues to increase and there are more planes in circulation now than ever with fewer fatal accidents.


” It’s become too expensive to fly.”


Incredibly untrue! Many times– outside of business travel– people decide that taking flight is too costly. In all actuality, flying has become more inexpensive since its inception and even decades following.

At times, costs may rise correlating with the cost of fuel, but even with those increases flyers are still able to fly across the country generally for a fraction of the 1000s of dollars (when readjusted for inflation) coast-to-coast flights cost in the 1970s.

Another misunderstood misconception is that partnering with a corporate travel management company costs way too much. When the reality is, managed travel programs save your company more money.