3 Insider Secrets To Intense Boxing Training program: A True Experience

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Boxing training, how to get in great shape fast!
Think about conditioning if you must lose some weight.
The primary mistake we can do for fat loss is just focusing on weight loss!

Let’s me tell you a story: it was a few years ago. A professional kick boxer called me for training him to get ready for his upcoming fight: the WKC World Championship. The event was in Agadir, on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.
We decided to set up the training camp over there, so he can get perfectly adapted to the hot weather of August.
We had a 6 weeks training camp. 6 weeks is an excellent duration and I know by experience it’s possible to move in great shape in this particular length of time.

But he did not inform me the whole thing before he showed up: he was out of shape and nearby to 40 pounds overweight, I mean 40 pounds over his official combat weight!

6 weeks and 40 pounds to lose !!! Well, we are going to get some fun in this camp!

It was a tough training camp and he was able to make the weight! But we concentrated mostly on conditioning and strength training, because when you have to lose a lot of weight very quickly, you could become very weakened. For a boxer, it doesn’t work: way too much danger is involved in the ring.

It’s why my solution was about conditioning: when you get in a terrific shape, you lose fat faster. The regimens consisted of cardiovascular conditioning (interval training and speed), strength training for power, along with a specific nutrition to accelerate metabolism and recovery, improve stamina.
Not easy in this scenario … the fighter had 3 different workouts a day! The first one was early morning on the beach and was targeted on cardiovascular conditioning: the intensity was sometimes high, sometimes low. Interval training was the main strategy with various timed intervals and recovery. We always emphasised on the right intensity and optimal recovery. The second workout was mid-day and was a strength workout session: overall body strength with a special focus on the core. We didn’t use any fancy equipment, just bodyweight routines and compound exercises with free weights.
The third workout was the boxing and kickboxing workout: shadow boxing and jump rope, mitts with the boxing trainer, heavy bag routines, speed bag and sparring 3 times per week.

Nutrition was accurate with a timing according to the training schedule. The deal was no sugar, little carbs, lot of vegetables, some fruits (watermelon), great deal of proteins, mainly fish, lot of water, daily supplement protein shakes to help for recovery and energy level.

He made the weight at the pre-fight weigh-in, it was challenging, he had to dehydrate in the last 24 hours to drop the last 3 pounds.

He did a great fight, he triumphed by knockout in the six round following a barrage of kicks and punches.

You probably don’t want to train 3 times a day, but if you have to lose some weight, begin to concentrate on your conditioning along with boxing training; achieve a terrific shape. Do it step by step but be consistent and your stubborn fat will vanish for good. Simply focus on your conditioning and boxing, and eat appropriately, no crazy diet is required.Insider secrets for elite level of conditioning and sport achievement, programs and workout sessions in Los Angeles area for professional fighters and young athletes (tennis, soccer …). Get to know more at Knockout Coaching. This article is copyright protected.

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