Zapier Integration Partner Recommendations and FAQs

Before you create your Zapier integration, it’s essential to become familiar with the criteria Zapier uses to review all new app integrations.

The following strategies are depending on essentially the most popular concerns we encounter and can help you to breeze through the app review phase. Get far more facts about zapier expert

Get Familiar with Zapier
If you haven’t used Zapier prior to, sign up for any free account and attempt some well-known integrations ahead of building your integration. This can assist you to have an understanding of how Zapier works, how your customers will set up Zaps, and how your integration can most effective match into Zap workflows.

Concentrate on Key Use Cases
Your initial Triggers, Actions, and Searches must concentrate on the principal factors customers do along with your app. Check equivalent apps in Zapier’s App Directory to have some suggestions on which products to incorporate within your integration. Don’t include as well numerous triggers or actions initially, as new apps with much more than 5 Triggers, Actions, or Searchers might not have the ability to go public (unless every single each Trigger, Action, and Search has a lot of test users already).

Test Early With Real Users
Hopefully, you’ve a bunch of keen users waiting to have their hands on your integration. That enable give us confidence that your integration is useful and functioning well for a bunch of users.

Verify Your App Integration Style
Customers should currently be acquainted with the terminology used within your Zapier integration-it should be consistent with what’s used within your app’s personal UI. It should really also be consistent with all the style used in other popular Zapier integrations.

We strive to give users a consistent experience throughout Zapier. Make sure to follow Zapier’s standards for app branding to make your app fit in to the Zapier ecosystem well.

Make Connecting New Accounts Effortless
Connecting to Zapier should be simple for the user. OAuth v2 will be the preferred authentication scheme; otherwise, ensure customers can conveniently retrieve or generate an API Key or other credentials themselves devoid of needing support assistance. Also, the Test Trigger must give actionable error messages to assist users effectively connect their account.

Deliver a Valid Test Account
The App Review Group will go through each Trigger, Action, or Search inside your integration to confirm that it is functioning in a comparable way the interactions should really work within your app. So as to do this, set up a valid test account and share the credentials with our team (ideally with because the account e-mail address). Make sure the account consists of each of the options required to test out each Zap step, with any unique configurations set. If capabilities need an atmosphere that is certainly difficult to replicate or demand distinct hardware, provide a demo video or documentation to the Zapier group.

Make sure Your Integration is Total and Platform Constant
It is best to submit your integration for review only when it’s total and ready to be published. Ensure to completely test your integration for edge cases and repair all bugs before submitting. Please don’t treat the App Review as a software testing service for your platform, and make certain each the platform and integration work regularly without errors. We will not allow incomplete or error-ridden app integrations to develop into public.

Steer clear of Repeated Submissions
Submitting numerous app integrations that happen to be basically the same ties up the App Review process and dangers the rejection of one’s integrations. Please be thoughtful and contemplate combining your apps into one where it tends to make sense. Also, please usually do not spam the App Review group with many versions with the very same integration while going by means of that review process.

Avoid Misleading or Malicious Functionality
Your app will have to carry out as advertised and shouldn’t give customers the impression the app is a thing it’s not. In case your app appears to guarantee certain features and functionalities, it must provide. Don’t build a Zapier integration which can be used to spam, phish, or send unsolicited messages to users.

Should you attempt to cheat the system (for example, by looking to trick the review process, steal user information, or fake real customers) your apps will probably be removed from Zapier and also you could possibly be expelled from submitting any apps within the future.


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