Your Guide to the Beautiful Banff National Park

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Taking the train through British Columbia’s remarkable natural beauty should be on any keen traveller’s bucket list. The Banff National Park is a sight to behold, and you’ll be quick to tell everyone you know about its magical attractions. Begin your journey in Vancouver and return to this iconic city at the end of your tour; spend the days in between soaking up the glaciers and mountains of this world-famous landscape.

The Beauty of Banff

While there are always so many activities to sink your teeth into on a Canadian rail holiday, there are also plenty of opportunities to pause for a moment and take in the natural beauty of the country’s iconic maple leaves and luscious roses. Banff National Park is a wonderful place to do just that.

For many, the real highlight of their Canadian rail holiday is taking a dip in the charming mineral pools of this national park. Banff’s Upper Hot Springs is the highest mineral pool in the country and reaches temperatures of around 37 to 40 degrees, so this is a great place to relax in warming waters surrounded by stunning scenery. The breathtaking Rocky Mountains will be visible as the steam of the water engulfs you. It won’t be long before your body’s tensions and aches begin to fade away.

Take a Mountain Walk

There are plenty of straightforward and enjoyable walking routes through the stunning natural surroundings and very few of them will put too much strain on the muscles you’ve already relaxed in the mineral pools!

Most of these walks don’t stretch out much further than two kilometres, so you can get one under your belt in the morning and be back in plenty of time for lunch. Pick up a trail map for your guide to the best walking routes in the Banff area.

Next Up: A Cruise

The next item on the agenda for your Canadian rail holiday is a cruise. Lake Minnewanka is the place to do it, with the area offering you some of the finest mountain views in the country. The cruise should last around an hour and will take you around Banff’s biggest mountain lake.

For the Culture Vultures

The area is packed full of cultural interest with museums and historic sites aplenty, including Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum, Heritage Hall and the Ski Museum.

A Spot of Golf

Finally, what Canadian rail holiday would be complete without a spot of golf to finish the trip off? Here, you’ll discover several luxury courses which offer the perfect opportunity to pick your clubs up and get a round in.

The Banff National Park is an unmissable stop on any Canadian rail holiday because of its stunning natural beauty, charming cruises, cultural heritage and luxury golf courses. The scenery in this area is simply unforgettable and you won’t want to leave in a hurry. When will you book your trip?

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