The joy of buying your wholesale turquoise beads online is that you will find very good bargains, not to mention the awesome collections of goods that will dazzle you. While buying offline, buyers usually walk in to a store, admire and buy what they have seen. However, on the internet, there is no walk-in store for people to admire what they need and be compelled to buy it. Thus, suppliers use low prices and better bargains to lure buyers. That is why if you are a retailer of charms, beads and other jewelry findings supplies, you are better off doing your business on the internet.

A few types of the turquoise beads you will find online

Variety is the key to becoming a god retailer. You want the turquoise beads that you buy online to offer your customers the widest variety so that you can serve as many of them as possible, across different age groups. That is exactly what you will get if you go to Pandahall for all your jewelry findings supplies. Here are just a few of the amazing varieties that you will find online:

• Natural turquoise beads – dyed, coral etc
• Synthetic beads – useful for Halloween, some shaped and designed like skulls
• Natural sinkiang, natural yellow, mixed color beads, turquoise hot pepper beads
• Synthetic German beads, 15” beads and many others

Choosing turquoise beads

While what you choose mostly depends on your clientele, you should have a mix of everything, all types of turquoise beads. This will enable you to offer different prices to your buyers. For example, synthetic beads will cost much less than the natural beads. At the same time, different people will be looking for different designs and ideas when they come to buy their beads from you. Do not be limited for choice when you can just buy anything that you need from the jewelry findings supplies.

Today, the race is on between choosing the American or the Chinese turquoise beads. It really does not matter that much what you buy, as all that you need is the deep blue color of the beads. That is what makes most people go for the beads anyway. Therefore, even if you are stocking on the synthetic beads, make sure that they have some aspect of blue, as that is the color associated with turquoise seed beads. Other considerations include opaque and clear. As we have said constantly, have a little of everything before you the patterns on the customers preferences can establish themselves and then you can stock more of what they want, from jewelry findings supplies.

Know your jewelry turquoise beads very well

Many people cannot help wondering why there are different shades of the turquoise beads. However, the main determinant of this is the type of mineral present in the rock where water permeates. For example, the best blue turquoise comes from rocks that have copper while green turquoise comes from rocks that have aluminum. With just a little knowledge of the formation of the natural turquoise, you can dazzle your customers and have them come for more. Jewelry findings supplies will ensure that you have everything that you need.Turquoise beads come in different shades and therefore, they are best bought online where there is more variety and better prices from jewelry findings supplies. This article is copyright free.