WS2811 LED Strip from Dongguan SDIP Light Company Limited Ensures Flexible Lighting

Guangdong, China (June 22, 2019) – In some places, there should be lights that are flexible enough. In these instances, the Ws2811 LED Strip lights from Dongguan SDIP Light Company Limited can be the right choice.

The company with expertise in dealing with LED Lights offers the ws2811 LED strip lights with an excellent set of features like those mentioned below:

With a total output of 16,777,216 colors, these strip lights can with PWM Controller can adjust around 256 gray levels.
In these lights, the signal is designed as a serial single-wire cascade interface. However, the signal is transmitted via a single line.
The working voltage of these lights is DC12V and the utmost voltage is 14V.
The LEDs are arranged in these strip lights in such a way that there will be three LEDs in a series of a single pixel. However, the pixel is individually programmable.
The good thing about these strip lights offered by SDIP Light Company Limited is that it can be used in a wide range of applications starting from cove lighting and even to indoor and outdoor liner projects.

When talking about this LED strip, SDIP has shared product description as “Addressable WS2811 LED Strip has a density of 30LED/meter 48LED/meter 60LED/meter RGB 5050 SMD IP20 IP65 IP67 IP68 waterproof, 5 meters per roll.”

About Dongguan SDIP Light Company Limited:

Dongguan SDIP Light Company Limited with extensive experience in the lighting domain offers a huge collection of sparking full-color lighting solutions. The founder of this company believes that the future of his company will be as dazzling as the full-color lighting solutions offered by the company.

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In some places, having flexible strip lights becomes a necessity. For owners of these places, the ws2811 LED strip lights From Dongguan SDIP Light Company Limited can turn out to be the most suitable choice.



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