It appears like the real issue. It feels just like the real issue, down towards the millimeter. It really is packed with a web server, 802.11 radio, and way a lot more memory and processing power than the kind of cable you would want for just undertaking demos. That is since the O.MG Cable is built for covert field-use by Red Teams, with functions that boost remote execution, stealth, forensics evasion, all though being able to immediately and dynamically change your tooling with minimal effort. Get additional details about world’s most famous hacker

The O.MG Cable allows you to wirelessly execute practically every feature, and not only creating, saving, or executing payloads. You’ll be able to wipe the flash clean, convert the O.MG Cable to an innocuous state, “break” the O.MG Cable so it’ll no longer pass data, as well as flash new firmware.



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