Wild and Wonderful: Canada’s Wildlife and Where to Find It

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Canada’s remarkable wildlife never fails to astound even the most well-travelled nature enthusiasts. If you’re looking to discover interesting species up close, a Canada holiday will introduce you to a beautiful, vast landscape home to many recognisable creatures – as well as some less familiar ones.

Visitors can enjoy whale watching in Victoria, explore the wilderness of Vancouver Island and admire the beautiful Tofino’s Pacific Rim National Park – Canadian holidays leave few nature and animal lovers disappointed.

Wet and Wild: Marine Life

Victoria will make an excellent first stop on your trip. Here you’ll find one of Canada’s most renowned mammals: the humpback whale. They’re often spotted in the waters surrounding Victoria, but you should be able to hear their song from quite a fair distance away.

For nature enthusiasts, the humpback whale is one of the greatest attractions in Victoria. These marvellous marine animals are simply fascinating to watch, and if you’re lucky enough to spot one on your Canada holiday, it will no doubt be a memory that you cherish forever.

Visitors to Victoria can venture across 80km of coastline in search of the humpback. You’re sure to be envied by anyone who missed out on the trip if you manage to catch a glimpse.

Looking to the Land: The Black Bear

Perhaps one of the area’s most iconic animals, the black bear never fails to entice visitors to the country – and indeed to North America. Spotting a black bear in the wild is an exciting event for any animal enthusiast, even though it is one of the smaller bear species on the continent.

The black bear’s beautiful dark fur and brown muzzle is definitely something that will stick in your memory for years to come. The bears eat anything from berries and nuts to salmon and insects, and usually roam around the wilderness unaccompanied. Occasionally, visitors are able to spot two bears together and witness the unique bond between mother and cub. This is a truly unmissable sight whilst for anyone who chooses to go on a Canada holiday.


Since Tofino is part of the National Park’s protected areas, it’s the ideal location to spot the bears roaming around and going about their business. Vancouver Island is another great place to secure a view of the bears, perhaps even whilst they feed. The breath-taking landscape is worth visiting even if the animals don’t come out to play.

Hiking enthusiasts won’t be disappointed either – Long Island boasts luscious sands which are simply beautiful, and the perfect place to take a walk, enjoy the wildlife and take in the unusual rugged landscape.

Undoubtedly, a Canada holiday has more than enough to satisfy any animal or nature lover, and plenty for those who simply enjoy delightful landscapes too. Whether it’s the black bears of Tofino or the humpback whales of Victoria, you’ll find it difficult to pull yourself away from this marvellous country.

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