Why You Need Dedicated Travel Insurance for Your Business Trip

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Business trips might only be short – a few days, a weekend, perhaps just one night – so the risks that usually accompany travelling may seem less likely to occur. However, complacency can be the source of misfortune – and misfortune can strike in one moment, regardless of how briefly you’re abroad.

It might seem like a hassle, but it is still important to protect yourself. Business travel insurance can cover personal health, equipment accidents or transportation mishaps. It is uniquely designed to help those with short-term needs such as this. Here is a list of just a few of the things that can suddenly go wrong.


Travelling through unusual climates, eating different foods or running yourself down by working too hard and too long – these are all possibilities whilst away working. And, depending on the location, existing medical care plans might not be as extensive as you think they are. For example, the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is great for the EU, but, outside of Europe, it’s best to choose safe rather than sorry.

Business travel insurance is that perennial safety net – although be sure to inform insurers about pre-existing issues.

Cancellations and Delays

For those pressed on time, any cancellation or delay can destroy a working day. With insurance, any issue is incumbent on the operator to fix rather than left up to you (provided the mishap wasn’t your fault). You will be immediately placed on a subsequent plane or train, and can obtain new perks (like a free taxi ride) to help make up for your lost time.

Baggage, Technology and Data Coverage

Undoubtedly the most irritating aspect of all travel is lost or delayed baggage – it often seems that there’s no way to stop your luggage from ending up everywhere in the world other than where it should. Business travel insurance helps you quickly replace everything on short notice, making your trip as seamless as it can be.

The same goes for technology and other important personal items: with the right insurance, you are protected if they are stolen. However, be careful where you store any personal information as there’s nothing that can be done if someone else obtains that knowledge.


Sometimes you have to visit unpalatable places to do business. Travel insurance is available to protect yourself in warzones and other places you may feel wary visiting.

How Often Do You Travel?

Is business travel a regular thing for you? If so, consider a worldwide multi trip policy. A package like this is less expensive than taking out individual policies. It also makes last minute trips abroad a lot easier to arrange.

Business travel insurance differs from ordinary leisure coverage because of the specific demands that short trips place on people. It’s there to catch light packers who meet misfortune while going abroad for work.

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