Why Outbound Marketing is a Good Option

Many organizations around the world often face this dilemma. What type of service should they use for their telemarketing needs? Should they hire their own set of telemarketers or should they outsource their work to some external organization?

Often these large organizations choose third party telemarketers because of three main reasons. Let us take a look at these reasons which prove why outbound marketing is better.
Increased Focus

If you hire internal workers to work on the telemarketing department, they will eventually find something else to do. But, if you outsource the project to an agency that deals with only telemarketing, they will work on that with increased focus.

In an external telemarketing company, all employees work day-in, day-out handling call and marketing products. Their approach would be continuous and focused rather than the reluctant, ad-hoc approach that your own people will eventually follow.

Capable and Trained people

Telemarketing agencies have people who are trained and capable in the field. Thereby, if you outsource your project to telemarketing agencies, your product will be marketed by people who are capable and have prior experience in that field.

Now, on the contrast, if you hire people, you will have to train them first of all. Then, they should get trained on the etiquettes of talking to people and handling customers.
People in the telemarketing concerns are already well equipped and trained in all these and therefore, you will have qualified people working for your cause.

A trained telemarketer can cover more people in one week than an amateur can in a month. So, this factor is a major reason why you should outsource your telemarketing projects.


Cost is by far the most common reason why people use third party telemarketers than hiring their own team.
Now, let us assume that you are hiring an entire team to handle your telemarketing needs. This means, you have to invest in infrastructure, you have to hire people team members, pay the existing staff money to hire people and spend much more money in training these people get equipped.

It is true that these telemarketing companies report and record a considerable number of cold calls. But, on the longer scheme on things, it all becomes irrelevant due to the cost and training considerations. This is why hiring external people who work on telemarketing Berkshire is a better option than hiring your own team.

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Author: James