Why completely digital mail room software make so much sense

Take any organization. The following is the steps that the follow to process their incoming mails.

• First, the mail gets delivered to the mail room section of the organization.

• Then, all the mails have to be opened. Some companies might use Automatic Mail Openers for this purpose but mostly, human resource is spent in the process of opening the mail.

• After that, each mail is sent to the relevant department or individual depending up on who it is addressed to. This is a highly time consuming process and in large organizations it could take at least a day or two for the internal mail delivery.

• If the mail is generally addressed (which is the case for complaints and claims), it is directed to the respective departments.

• Then the department processes the mail and if the information is inaccurate in it, it is sent back to the source.

• If the issue is resolved, then the mail is sent to storage.

This whole process is exactly what was followed 40 years back. Technology has crawled up on us in almost all fields but it hasn’t modernized our mail rooms. For any organization that wants to cut its costs and improve its accuracy and efficiency in delivering the mail, this process is not suited at all.

Mail room software coupled with an entirely digitized mail room will change the way our mail rooms work altogether. The peripheral designs of this technology might vary from one manufacturer to another but the core aim is the same.
The following are the core aim of a digital mail room.

• Reduction in overall operational cost – By eliminating the need for paper, the entire operational cost of the mail room can be cut down by an impressive 60% according to surveys. Paper is not becoming cheap in the days that are coming and it makes so much sense in switching to a system that eliminates the need for paper trail.

• Streamlining – Chaos is what rules over a normal mail room. But, with the help of digitization, the mail room will become much more streamlined and confusion and ambiguity will be avoided which quickens the delivery time and minimizes returns.

• Document recovery – A completely digitized mailroom will scan each and every document that comes into it and the scanned documents will get backed up into the system. So, in case of a mishap, you’ll always have the backup in your hard drive.
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Author: James