Most people today are informed about the need to follow the correct procedures that are in place regarding the transportation and discarding medical waste. Those who don’t follow the correct procedures are either ignorant or they choose to ignore the processes involved; they don’t know what potentially dangerous situations they expose themselves to. Biohazard clean up companies provide and important service to commercial and residential clients in relation to crime, death, suicide, trauma or any other biohazard incident. Most death clean up jobs performed by these companies contains biohazard waste that needs to be contained, transported and disposed safely.

Choosing a reputably certified biohazard waste cleaning company is the right thing to do whenever there has been a death, suicide or violent crime. These companies have in their arsenal of tools even the right type of biohazard waste bags that are totally different from the regular trash bags that we are all familiar with. These bags are marked so clearly such that anyone who finds them dumped in the wrong places will be able to identify them so that the authorities deal investigate and find the person responsible for incorrect biohazard disposal.

Biohazard waste refers to any solid or liquid waste that represents a real threat of infection to humans. Liquid waste will include blood and other bodily fluids while solid waste will include clothing, sheets, rags, towels, plastic bags, gloves or other objects that have been soiled with blood or any other bodily fluids. The main challenge in biohazard is that it doesn’t have room for the slightest mistakes. The waste disposal process must be done so carefully so as not to put the health of sanitation workers and the public in general at risk of contracting dangerous illnesses. Professional companies will take every precaution and that is why they are certified to handle, transport and dispose biohazard waste.

Some people are usually tempted to try and cleanup these types of scene on their own; there are very high chances that many of these scenes are littered with blood and other potentially dangerous pathogens; these can be extremely harmful if someone came in direct contact with them without any skill or protective gear. The regulation in most states demand that you have to contact a biohazard clean up service provider whenever you find yourself in such a situation. At the same time, everyone is obligated to contact their local health agency whenever they come across biohazard disposal that is done incorrectly or perhaps someone doing what looks like an illegal biohazard materials disposal. It is important that when you are looking for a biohazard cleanup company that you only contact those that are compliant with the state environmental agency and other regulatory agencies.

Bio-One Chicago are your crime scene cleaners dedicated to assisting law enforcement, public service agencies and property owners/managers in restoring property that has been contaminated as a result of crime, disaster or misuse. From biohazard cleanup to traumatic injury clean up we are the experts in such events.


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