Why Chocolate for Grown Ups Can Still Be Fun

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Who says chocolate marketed at adults has to be boring? We know it’s ‘sumptuous’, ‘velvety’, ‘rich’ and ‘luxurious’, but can it also be fun? Well, according to chocolate suppliers the Grown Up Chocolate Company, it can.

With names of products including ‘Yummy Scrummy Chocolate Bites’, ‘Fruit and Nut Hunky Dory’, ‘Very Naughty Nutty Nougat’ and ‘Glorious Coconut Hocus Pocus’, you could be forgiven for believing that this was a children’s range. But the Grown Up Chocolate Company is quite clear: this range is strictly for your grown up customers. As the packaging says, ‘some things are just too good for kids’.

It is this playful sense of humour which makes the Grown Up Chocolate Company’s products so appealing to the adult market it is trying to attract. The sense of fun which it displays on its packaging (featuring children dressed as grown ups trying to get their hands on their chocolaty products) combines well with its nostalgic flavours given a grown up twist.

Who are the Grown Up Chocolate Company?

Founded in 2011, the London-based chocolate suppliers were attempting to combine flavours from their childhood with grown up ingredients like sea salt and praline to create unique, handmade, artisan products with a sense of fun. As the team behind the brand explains, “The idea behind our Grown Up Chocolate bars is that they are reminiscent of the bars we ate as children, but reimagined for Grown Ups only.”

It was this sense of fun which led to the inspiration for the packaging. The photograph of the children trying to get their hands on the Grown Up Chocolate Company’s bars with the tag line, ‘Nice try kid but it’s not for you!’, was a way for the chocolate suppliers to let their customers know that this was confectionery that it is okay not to share.

Perfectly Positioned Products

Appealing to your customers’ ‘inner child’, the Grown Up Chocolate Company has stuck to flavours which many of us remember from our childhood: fruit and nut, nougat and caramel, to encourage us to indulge that side of ourselves. The idea of appealing to the adult’s nostalgia for childhood, rather than children themselves, gives the company a unique place in the market.

For anyone who has ever waited for the kids to go to bed before tucking into a favourite confectionery, or hidden the bars at the back of the cupboard when young friends or family come round, these are the perfect chocolate suppliers. This is a range that your customers can indulge in and enjoy guilt-free because it was made specially for them. Just remind them, they don’t have to share it with their children – no matter how much they beg!

Angelina Moufftard works for hf Chocolates, established chocolate suppliers with decades of experience bringing innovative confectionery brands, whether established or fresh to the market, to retailers across the UK. The delicious and delightfully packaged products that hf Chocolates carefully selects will add panache to any sweet display.