Who Do You Turn To When You Need A Hand

There are lots of things that we do with our hands that we often take for granted. Our hands help us to function more efficiently. They are essential to our everyday life, enabling us to eat, write, dress and work. In order for our hands to perform they must have movement and sensation in the muscles and joints. When we begin to experience problems with our hand, elbow, wrist or shoulder from either trauma or overuse, it may often require the care of an orthopedic specialist.

Common Injuries Seen by Orthopedic Specialists

– Fractures of the hand, fingers, wrist and shoulder

– Arthritis of the wrist, hand, thumb and shoulder

– Golfers elbow

– Tennis elbow

– Cysts of the wrist

– Wrist pain

– Sports injury to wrist and hand

– Tendon injuries

– deQuervain’s tendonitis

– Restoration of hand functionality

– Nerve injuries (ulnar tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome)

Common Hand Problems Seen by Orthopedic Specialists

1.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This condition causes tingling and numbness in your hand, usually at night. Often the pain will travel up your shoulder. Sometimes carpal tunnel may be caused by a pinched nerve in the elbow or shoulder. It is advisable to have it properly diagnosed by an orthopedic specialist. There are several things that can be done to help alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, such as; wearing a brace or splint, rehabilitation or steroid injections to decrease swelling. If none of these methods work, it may require surgery by an orthopedic surgeon or another health professional.

2.Ganglion Cysts

This is the most common lump found on the hand located on the back of your wrist. Typically, they are non-cancerous. The cysts is, however; filled with fluid and are a result of irritation from joint linings or ligaments in the hand or wrist. The size of ganglion cysts may sometimes change and in some cases, disappear completely on their own. If the cysts becomes chronically painful and begins to effect your daily function, an orthopedic surgeon can make recommendations and might even suggest surgery to remove the cysts.

3.Arthritis of the Hand

Rheumatoid arthritis is when the joints become inflamed and become debilitating. When it occurs in the hand often your finger joints become deformed and the fingers are involuntarily twisted. This causes pain in most cases. Some of the ways to manage rheumatoid arthritis without surgery, include; physical therapy, splints, steroid injections in the joint and anti-inflammatory medications. In some extreme cases surgery may be necessary to reconstruct or repair parts of the hand, wrist or fingers. This is achieved by the removal of tissue around the inflamed joints, implanting artificial joints or repositioning tendons. Although full movement is not regained, there is still a significant amount of improvement in appearance, function and noticeable pain relief.

If surgery is required for any of the aforementioned conditions, consult with your orthopedic surgeon prior to returning to work or engaging in any other activities that require the use of the effected hand. Are you living in Phoenix, AZ, you should do no delay visiting the following website:

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