When Should You Consult A Pain Doctor

Pain can cause disruption to anyone. However, chronic pain can prevent you from completing your normal routine and can actually be remarkably debilitating. Chronic pain can have any number of underlying causes, but consulting with a pain doctor may assist you to seek out the root of the problem.

Common complaints of chronic pain can be attributed to disc problems. Spinal disc issues can cause severe and chronic pain in the neck and lower back. There are a number of conditions which can cause this including prolapsing discs, disc degeneration or sequestration. If a condition occurs, the nerves in the spine can be placed under additional pressure, which creates irritation and pain.

There are pain doctor specialists whose area of expertise is the back. They can assess your condition and offer any number of treatment options to correct disc problems. For example, they may initially suggest anti-inflammatory medications. However, if this fails to effectively manage the pain, steroid injections could be introduced locally to provide symptomatic relief. This form of injection delivers the pain relief in the immediate area of the nerve to reduce inflammation and relief pain.

A pain doctor can also treat more complex conditions such as spinal stenosis. This condition is caused by the narrowing of spinal bone structures which can cause compression on the nerves. This results in extreme and chronic pain along the entire spinal cord. This condition can be caused as a result of age, conditions such as arthritis or injury.

Of course, the first stage of pain management is the accurate diagnosis. Many conditions especially related to back pain can have similar symptoms. Your pain doctor will perform an examination to assess your condition and determine the underlying cause. They may require a CT or MRI scan to locate the site of the problem and confirm a diagnosis. A correct diagnosis is essential for tailoring a pain management strategy which will be effective and provide relief as quickly as possible.

Many courses of treatment will include physical therapy. This can introduce exercises and stretching which can relieve pain and increase mobility. Your physical therapist will monitor your condition and ensure that further damage is avoided. It is important to follow the instructions of your pain doctor and physical therapist to increase recovery time and effectively manage your pain. They may also be able to suggest exercises which can reduce the risk of a re-occurrence.

Chronic pain can affect anyone and it can be extremely debilitating. Many people who have suffered from chronic pain for an extended period of time can become depressed and suffer from further medical complications. It is important to receive specialist advice and ensure that the root cause is established.

Professional pain doctors Las Vegas have the experience and knowledge to diagnose underlying conditions and facilitate an effective and efficient pain management strategy. If you are suffering from chronic pain, it is worth taking the time to consult with a pain doctor. They can assist you to regain your quality of life and resume your normal routine.

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