What To Expect From A Radio Monitoring Service

Public relations are very important to any business whether large or small. How you relate with the public determines what the existing or potential customers say or think about your business, its products and services, which will influence sales and consequently the profits and growth of your business. Many businesses focus more on monitoring social media because they assume that radio does not have a lot of impact on PR. However, studies and surveys show that a radio monitoring service is just as important.

Bad radio press or negativity campaigns against your products, services or business through radio can cause serious damage to your reputation. You should monitor what is said over the radio about your business, and your business products and services. Even if you do not regularly listen to radio, most of your existing and potential customers and clients do. This means that information over the radio is likely to affect them. That information can change the perceptions of the customers to your business either positively or negatively. If you want to maintain or expand your current market share you should ensure that you get effective radio monitoring services.

An effective radio monitoring service is one that provides timely vigilance and gathers all relevant information transmitted or broadcast over the radio to the public. You can only act on information if you are aware of it immediately when it has been released to the public. In fact, a radio monitoring service provider should inform you immediately when negative information is broadcast. If you are told tomorrow or next week that it happened last week or yesterday, it will by then be old news, and you will not be able to do much to change it. When choosing a radio monitoring service provider it would be wise if you choose one that has a good track record of timely monitoring and reporting.

In most cases, the radio monitoring service provider will have a PR (Public Relations) officer who you will deal directly with, or who will deal with your companys or organizations PR officer. Different radio monitoring service providers apply different techniques in collecting data. Most of them make use of the technological advancements and now apply software in their collection and analysis of data. It is the PR officer of the service provider who will collect data from various radio stations and then compile it to an MP3, Podcast, or email.

A good radio monitoring service provider will compile a comprehensive report which may include clips or links to the radio news or show program so that you may listen to it and analyze it for yourself. The reports can be sent to multiple departments within your company or to only those that are designated.

In all cases, the person responsible for PR, whether the owner or PR officer will be directly involved in the radio monitoring process. This is because it is the person responsible for PR or the owner who will deal with bad publicity, if any.

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