What to Consider When Getting a Free Laptop with Mobile Broadband

Many people use laptops instead of desktops because of their flexibility. A laptop can be moved with more ease and you can use it in any location. Laptops have the same capabilities as desktop computers but they are also smaller. The one problem is that not everyone can afford to get a laptop. It is for this reason that mobile broadband providers have developed free laptop deals.
Who should look at free laptop deals?
When a promotion is run but any company in any industry there are certain people who are considered their target market. Free laptop deals are no different as there are certain people who benefit the most from these deals and they are:
Students benefit from these deals based simply on the fact that they do not have the disposable income needed to buy a new laptop. The laptops which are often included in these deals are also more suited to the needs of a student. Free laptop deals come with mobile broadband which is ideal for students as well. Students are likely to use their laptop in areas where they cannot connect to a wireless network making mobile broadband a necessity.
Business benefit from these deals as they are able to get a free laptop for their staff members as well as mobile broadband for when they are in the field. While the laptops are not top of the range most businesses do not provide their field staff with the most expensive laptops anyway.
Should you look at a different deal instead?
There are many mobile broadband deals that offer a free device. The most popular now is the free tablet deals. There are certain people who should consider these deals instead of the free laptop ones. If you are not going to be using all the features of your laptop then you may only need a tablet. Additionally if you are a technology junkie then laptop deals are not the best option. The newest technology comes for tablet users and these deals will give you broadband as well.
Businesses can also consider getting a tablet deal for their staff depending on what they need the laptop for. If the staff member needs to access a certain software package via the internet then a tablet is not the best option as they will probably not be compatible with the software.
Dont get sidetracked by the laptop
Many people get side tracked by the laptop they will be getting. Many service providers are hoping that this is the case because they can get away with either bad mobile broadband packages or additional terms and conditions. If you are going to get a laptop deal you should take a close look at the mobile side of it as well because you will be locked to it for the entire contract.
One of the most important points to look at is the data allowance. The amount of data you will be getting should coincide with the amount that you actually need. Just because you are getting a free laptop you should not compromise on the broadband. If you need to 5GB of data per month but the deal only offers 1GB look at a different provider. Generally these deals will offer a range of 1GB to 15GB of data per month.
You should also look at the coverage maps for the provider. Mobile broadband works on the 3G network and this is transmitted from mobile phone towers. Of course the maps on the providers website may not be a true reflection of the coverage zone. The best way to find out if the coverage zone does include the areas you need is to talk to people who use the provider. They will be able to tell you where the best signal zones are and whether the coverage maps are correct.
As with all broadband the speed of the mobile broadband you have may not be what is advertised. Mobile broadband speed is determined by the 3G signal strength. The stronger the signal, the better the speeds of the connection will be. If you are looking at a provider who offers 4G then the overall speed of your connection will be faster than 3G. However, the 4G network is very limited so you may not get signal in your area.
How much are you actually saving?
One of the main reasons for getting a free laptop deal is to save money on getting a laptop. The problem that most people find with these deals is that they actually cost you more in the long run. Now you might think that it should since you are in effect getting not only a laptop but also mobile broadband. While this is the case you have to consider one question. If you bought a laptop outright would you still get mobile broadband? Many people answer no to this question and that is why these deals may not be worthwhile.
To determine if you are saving money you will have to first calculate what you would be spending if you did not take the deal. You should look at what you can get the same laptop for when buying it without a deal. If you would get mobile broadband anyway you should see what deals you would normally go for. Take these prices and combine them. The mobile broadband should be calculated for the same term as the laptop deal.
Once this is done you should compare it to the laptop deal. The value of the deal will fall into one of three categories:
Bad value is any laptop deal which ends up costing you more than the items bought separately. Of course you should be reasonable about how much more it is costing you. If you are only a few pounds out then the deal does not fall into this CatID.
Moderate value is any deal where you are paying the same as buying the items separately.
Good value is any deal where you are actually paying less. These deal are generally hard to come by and you should seriously consider it if you do find one.

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