What Kind of HGV License is Right for You?

Are you looking for a new job? Perhaps you’re considering a career change? If you enjoy the freedom of being out on the road, becoming a professional driver is a great way to build a sustainable career and earn good money at the same time.

When you’re just starting a new job, it can be difficult to know how to progress – and the last thing you want is to get stuck in a rut. This article will take you through some basic haulage career requirements, explaining which qualifications you should train for and when. By gaining these of credentials, you will expand your skills and become a more flexible – and therefore more employable – driver. The more qualified you are, the more jobs you can take up.

Which License Do You Need?

The sensible place to start is with a HGV Cat 1 license. This is the first step up from a simple car license and allows you to drive rigid vehicles from 3,500 to 7,500 kilograms.

How to Get the HGV Cat C1

Training for this qualification will help you get you started on your haulage career. Requirements include:

•A valid car driving license
•Passing a medical exam
•Being at least eighteen years old

The medical exam will confirm that you are fit to drive a vehicle professionally and will include an eye test, amongst other things. Don’t worry if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses as this will not disqualify you. To keep the qualification up to date you will have to take 35 hours of Periodic CPC training every five years once you have gained the license. Bear in mind that the HGV Cat C1 does not allow you to drive anything with a trailer, and to do this you will have to upgrade to a Cat C1 + E.

The Next Step: LGV/HGV Cat 2

To build on your training, you should work toward the LGV/HGV license. This allows you to drive vehicles up to 3,500 kilograms with trailers up to 750 kilograms. These are the kinds of trucks you see transporting goods all over the country, as well as into Europe – and the license is ideal for progressing your haulage career. Requirements are very similar to those listed above.

Looking Forwards: The HGV Cat C + E

The HGV Cat C + E license, also known as a Class 1 license, allows you to drive a vehicle over 7.5 tonnes with a separate or detachable trailer. Of course you must be over eighteen years old and be able to drive a car legally. Before you can start training for this qualification you must have passed a theory exam and take a medical test. The Cat C is the standard for most professional drivers, so investing in this next step will help set you above the competition.

This article clarifies the haulage career requirements you need to know in order to get started on a long lasting and sustainable career in the industry. Good luck.

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Author: Desiree Michels