What is the Best Way to Find Out Whether or Not Your Teen is a Cyberbullying Target or Culprit?

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CyberBullying Research Center defines cyberbullying as: Cyber Bullying is when a person repeatedly harasses, mistreats, or makes fun of another person on the internet or while using cellphones or other electronic devices.
The hard truth is that the parents and guardians of the bully can be held exposed to civil and based on whatever state they reside in or local ordinances often criminal charges.
If young people watch too much TV are they likely to become criminals? Like many thinking people thought, they are associating childhood TV watching with long-term violent conduct. I’m beginning to think that is the reason my kid became an online bully. Did I allowed them to spend too much time in front of the TV? Video games certainly must have the same negative impacts. I truly need to monitor and track how much time my children are using on the computer and smartphone. Long term studies by Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project reveals cell phone usage by teenagers is positively farcical.
The fact is the variety of things your teens are up to is endless. Parents of teenagers that cyberbullied a young girl to the point she took her own life are in total denial about their own responsibility and keep saying “My child would never do that”.
Needless to say there are a great deal of factors I’d like to mention which involve teens and technology, specifically the web, smartphones and personal computers. These popular gadgets broaden the potential of health and safety risks having to do with Predators; Cyber Bullies; Seeing Inappropriate Media; Addictive Use and Repetitive Stress Injury; Distracted Driving; and Personal Data Loss. If you happen to have a look at your children’s on-line adventures, do you ever give some thought to their cellphones? Cell phones have evolved from simply being communication devices to mobile, miniature computers. Mobile phones have operating systems similar to computers that will allow users to download applications. These programs assist users perform tasks such as gain access to e-mail and play video games. Likewise, many mobile phones enable users to transfer description from the web just as they would on a computer. Unfortunately, cell phones are usually harder to monitor than a computer, and teens often use them without adult supervision. It is immensely important that you make sure to review your family internet safety policies with your children and understand the potential risks before allowing them to have mobile phones.
The most recent Smartphone Spy Phone software programs offered from name-brand companies, like, Mobile Spy, Flexispy, MobiStealth, PhoneSheriff, and WebWatcher, help with an array of problems that are hot topics for Parents, Employers and Do it Yourself Investigators.
I discovered a source of help and advice that I think is well worth posting. Even NFL offensive linemen have problems with online bullying.Catch up with technology! Smartphone Spy Phone Products down load right on to a ‘target’ mobile phone by using the cell phone connection to the web. Then ‘events’ or activity may be checked remotely from a secure web account. This is a pretty decent website related to tracking applications. It explains a variety of providers and offerings in a straightforward manner, Child Monitor Software and Cell Phone Tracker. Many more related information for parents and managers is available at Cyber Bullying Research Center and Federal Bureau of Investigation This article is copyright protected.