What are the most trusted online shopping websites in pakistan?

When talking about Online shopping the first thing that people to know about how trustworthy the website is?Compared to Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce giants, Pakistan lags behind in providing quality online shopping experience. That’s primarily because the country entered the race pretty late. But some names can be trusted. Who are they? What features do they provide? Do their policies protect their buyers? Let’s find out.

PC Fanatics

With this platform, your favorite gadgets are only one click away, and you can purchase them within the best possible prices. The shop is tech-themed, offering tons of electronics — computer hardware, consoles, gadgets, computer accessories, tablets, video games, etc.

Customers are happy with their quality services, including fast delivery. They rely on TCS to deliver your packages to your home. The system is backed up by 24/7 customer services for the timely solution of any delivery and after-sale complication.

On the whole, it makes the customer happy. There is always room for improvement, and the company is dedicated to upgrading its services for higher customer satisfaction.


Daraz.pk, without a doubt, is the number one shopping platform in Pakistan. The business claims to deliver more than two million packages a month. It sounds like most of the people trust the site. The delivery is fast, there is a wide variety of products, the customer service is pretty useful, and they offer tons of discount deals. Because of all these contributing factors, it has emerged as one of the most trustworthy sites.  

But there are many who would advise you to stay away from it. The reason is the questionable credibility of the sellers on the site. The site’s verification system works, but not all the time. The fraudulent sellers can easily slip through security. Plus, there is no way to tell the credibility of the reviews either — the deceitful sellers can put up fake reviews to sell their products.


Although Telemart offers dozens of product categories, it is only popular for providing authentic mobile phones. From high-end Apple and Samsung smartphones to cost-effective solutions like Huawei, Techno, and many others are readily available here.


Customers admire the platform’s quality control, support, and affordable prices, but the delivery may take a good number of days. If it isn’t a problem, Telemart is the best online mobile phone shopping platform.


It is among the very first online shopping platforms that laid the foundation of the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. Being one of the oldest, it has a fine reputation in the market. They are known to provide diverse electronic devices under a single roof. You can get all sorts of home appliances, laptops, computer hardware, etc. it features your favorite and most trustworthy brands of the market.

Most of the traffic is satisfied with their services, but the lack of after-sale service makes a portion unhappy. It means if you have received a counterfeit product, you may have to go through a tiresome procedure to get it exchanged. On the other hand, they take too long to deliver the exchanged product.


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