What Are The Main Causes Of Infertility?

Fertility specialists help in diagnosing fertility related problems in both males and females. When a couple tries to conceive without success, the best way to deal with the issue is to see infertility doctors. However, finding a certified one is very crucial since it gets you assured of obtaining the correct treatment. Nonetheless, its good to get informed about the causes of infertility even before you start seeking treatment.

Problems with Fallopian Tubes or the Uterus

A fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tubes and into the uterus where it grows. If theres a problem in any of these areas, a woman is likely to be unable to conceive in a natural way. Such issues in the reproductive system may come about due to surgery, sterilization treatments or even fibroids, all which may obstruct implantation. In addition, if a woman undergoes pelvic surgery, it may at times tamper with her fallopian tubes and subsequently make her unable to conceive.

Ovulation Disorders

In some instances, the woman may not release eggs due to different factors: she may have a premature ovarian failure whereby her ovaries may stop working before she reaches the age of 40, or her eggs may be of poor quality due to genetic reasons. AIDS and cancer have also been known to cause the same problem. Whatever the cause may be, infertility doctors can test and provide workable solutions.


There are certain drugs that may lead to infertility in women. For instance, long term use of drugs such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin can lead to infertility problems. Chemotherapy is also a major cause and in some cases, its side effects may be permanent. In addition, some infertility cases in women come about due to radio therapy or the use of illegal drugs such as cocaine or marijuana.

Semen Quality

Men can also be affected by infertility, and this is why its good for both couples to see infertility doctors whenever they encounter a problem. In men, the quality of the semen can be a major hindrance when it comes to conceiving. The semen helps in transporting sperms during intercourse, but in some cases, it may not be able to effectively facilitate the process. Sometimes, the semen may also have a low sperm concentration or no sperm at all such factors make a couple unable to conceive.

A man’s semen can become abnormal due to several factors. For instance, when theres overheating of the testicles, a negative effect may arise. Overheating can happen as a result of excessive use of saunas, and hot tubs or even wearing tight clothes. Other than that, semen flow can be tampered with when a man is unable to ejaculate as required and this can very much obstruct fertilization.

Genetic factors and radiotherapy can lead to infertility as well. All the same, the most important thing to do when you encounter a problem is to visit infertility doctors because these are the only professionals who can help you deal with the problem successfully.

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