What Are The Grounds For Divorce?

The promise of “Happily Ever After” does not always come true. The time will come when the fairy tale is over, and hiring a divorce solicitor to handle your affairs may be the best thing to do. This is to prevent you from experiencing further emotional stress and trauma. However, in order for divorce proceedings to push though, you must have a reasonable ground for divorce. It is important that this factor is present and valid because, it is the driving force that would ultimately be the cause of the marriage breaking down. We will discuss the different kinds of acceptable grounds for divorce.

The most common ground for divorce is adultery. A spouse commits adultery when he/she has consensual sexual intercourse with another person commonly referred to as the third party. However, proving this can be difficult because it requires actual and definite proof of the act being done by both the spouse and third party. That is why the court accepts circumstantial evidences as proof of adultery. Circumstantial evidences such as exchanging of love notes, photographs showing public affection and anything that might give opportunity for the spouse and the third party to commit adultery are acceptable.

The second most widely used ground for divorce is unreasonable behavior. Unreasonable behavior is when a spouse behaves in a difficult manner, making it hard or impossible for the other spouse to live with them. Unreasonable behavior such as domestic violence, irreconcilable differences and pursuit of different career paths are considered valid grounds for divorce.
Separation can be used as a reasonable cause. However, you should note that either one of these two factors must be present for the divorce proceeding to start.

• If you have only been separated for two years, you need to have your spouse’s consent for a divorce.
• If you have been separated for five years, you can file for divorce without the need for your spouse’s consent.

Desertion is also a valid reason for divorce. However, it is rarely used since you have to prove to the court that your spouse has left you without any reasonable cause and without your consent for at least a minimum of two years.
Parting ways with the person you promised to stay with the rest of your life is no easy task. That is why, it is best to seek the help of professionals to make the separation easier, faster and less painful.

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