What Are The Areas Of Design I Can Find Employment In For Graphic Art

There are many different and extensive areas of graphic design to go into. You dont always have to focus on the digital although careers in things like gaming design and 3dmodeling are some of the best paid. Listed below are some of the areas you can look into and feel-out for yourself.

Average salary range for a graphic designer

According to the bureau of Labor Statistics the average pay for a graphic designer which carries a bachelors degree is 43,500 a year which is roughly $20.00 per hour. This is not counting those with an associates or a certification. You may want a certification only if you are in a hurry to find work and it is still valuable but employers may try to offer significantly less money to you rather than a graphic designer that has a bachelors and knows 3dmodeling programs.

Print and package design

There is no need to stick with digital graphic design. Unless you are going into designing games you can find a viable career in package design for an advertising company or directly for the package design company.


In this CatID you are responsible for branding a company and designing logo and all advertorial graphics. Before you would learn story board stuff, and use your creative brain to come up with catchy graphics that will stay in customers minds. Today, however, more advertising companies are spending money on the digital aspect as this is where more people are looking. You are less likely to see or hear an advertisement on radio or TV as you would on your phone or computer. Think about it a minute; where do you spend most of your time? Even when you listen to music you are probably listening to downloaded versions of your favorites and when you watch TV there are only ads on live versions and most people stream. This has become something of a great concern to advertisers everywhere. When they win an account, their clients are asking big questions and the ad company needs to answer favorably.


This is also what you will have to think about. Working in any business you are in charge of creating something that needs to get out there and effectively stay out there. This challenges you to create a logo or design that will out do the competition which is a very challenging position.

Other tips for success

You can always land a job fast if you possess at least a certificate and one specialization. After that you can immediately begin learning and then honing digital skills such as 3d modeling programs. Sometimes if an employer likes you, because they see potential and have a great attitude, they may offer to pay your expenses to gain the digital knowledge you need. In this case you will need to sign a contract committing yourself to the company for an extended period, most likely several years.

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