What A Portal Hub Can Do For Your Employees

Today many corporations with thousands upon thousands of employees are making use of portal hubs. This is an online place where employees can commiserate and talk to each other and look at their schedules and pick up shifts. These are called cast portal hub because of the Disney Corporation. Disney coined the name and it has been used by employees ever since. This is where their employees can find out about their schedules and housing opportunities as well as overtime and any company announcements. It is also a place where they punch in to work. It is an interesting and efficient little system.

Here is how it works:

You can come to work at your location which the portal will have on it under your name. You will see your full name, employee ID which is usually the last four of your social and your park with your location in the park. For example, if you are at the Magic Kingdom and you are working at the turn styles you would see; Jane Doe, employee id# 0978 MK TS. Some are marked by section numbers but for the most part, it is simple like this. Now, lets say you are picking up overtime or an extra shift that is available at another park. You would log into the cast portal hub and click available shifts. You would then save it for yourself and a request would go both to the labor department in your park and the one in the park where the shift will be worked. When you receive an e mail response that says approved then you can pick up the shift. All hours worked shows up on the same paycheck and it is very simple and efficient both for the company and for the employees or “cast members” as Disney likes to refer to its employees.

Why this is good for your business:

This is a cost effective way of keeping track of employee movements among other things that are important to a business. In a company with thousands of employees or at least hundreds that are in different properties that need to track, the cast portal hub is the way to go. There are many different metrics that a company has to keep track of and the portal can do this as well. It has an entire back-end that will do these things. It will track employee movements from property to property so no hours go missing and no one will be working overtime that is not in your labor. You can track all human resources actions and get spread sheets of the results. You can know in real-time who is working where and you can make real-time updates to scheduling and make schedules in advance. You can also announce important cast meetings and get feedback on who can and cant attend.

In conclusion, using a cast portal hub has many benefits and can do the job of many in one small space.

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