We should pay more attention to the application conditions and the using environment of the ultrasonic flow meter

Nowadays, the ultrasonic flow meter is the most popular equipment for the industrious area. Most of the factories have the flow meter such as the Portable flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, clamp on flow meter and digital flow meter. All of us could use the flow meter by the description paper of it but there are many other attention points for the application of the flow meter especially for the ultrasonic flow meter. Today, the professional flow meter manufacturer Abest who have the high reputation in china would tell you these crucial points.

The factor is that some users for the ultrasonic flow meter would ignore the requirements for application conditions and the using environment. No matter what kind of the flow meters, they are all has the certain requirements for the flow field of the fluid in the measured pipe. The ultrasonic flow meter is no exception. As the mounting position of the flow meter cannot guarantee the requirements of the front and rear length of straight pipe, the measurement error which due to the instability of the flow field cannot be ignored. Many users would be limited by the instrument measuring well and then they cannot deal with the measurement at the position where meet the installation requirements. This kind of condition could result in the increasing measurement errors.

From the website www.heremeter.com , which is the website of Abest, the ultrasonic flow meter is particularly sensitive with the mixed bubbles in water. The flowing bubbles will cause the instability of the flow meter and make the value on the flow meter become in correct. If the accumulation of gas which is caused by the bubbles is just consistent with the mounting position of the Portable flow meter, the equipment will not work. Therefore, the installation of the ultrasonic flow meter should try to avoid the pump outlet and other positions where are easy to influence by the bubbles. On the other hand, the installation point of the probe should try to avoid the upper and bottom of the pipeline. The best installation point is the 45 ° angle with the horizontal diameter. We should also pay attention to avoid install the clamp on flow meter at the weld pipe defects.

The Heremeter.com has also gives us the suggestion that the installation and application environment of the flow meters should avoid the strong electromagnetic interference and vibration. We have found that there would be more or less influences for many conditions such as install the flow meter at the bottom of the high-voltage lines and vehicle-intensive side of the road. The signal of cell phones or walkie-talkie would also produce a greater or lesser extent on the measurement of the flow meter

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