U. S. Election Campaign Heats Up: Romney Attacks Obama

Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for investiture U.S. presidential elections in November, said at an electoral meeting on Tuesday, that “The Obama administration has fought against religion”, attacking Barack Obama, the current Democratic president.

In reply, sources of electoral staff of Obama, quoted by Huffington Post commented Romney’s statements as “shameful”.

Mitt Romney rarely and counter attacked, so far, and preferred to avoid issues of faith, since it is Mormon, and that religion has too many followers in the United States.

Organized a meeting with voters in Michigan, people asked him how it intends to protect religious liberties of Americans,if he becomes president.

“We have to do this because people who surrounded the president have fought for years against religion,” said Romney.

Romney’s attack comes a few days after another aspiring Republican investiture, Rick Santorum said about Obama as “preaching a false theology”, claiming later that he meant to environmental visions and not religious ones.

Religious liberties are the subject of debate in recent weeks, after the Obama administration allowed companies producing pill that they enter the schools, religious organizations and hospitals.

Critics say this measure, contraceptive measures must not go in schools, while supporters argue that women’s health is more important.