Ways to Save Electricity When Moving House

Moving is unfortunately expensive, but it doesnt have to be if you take the proper precautions. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you consider all of the additional expenses for even a small move. If youre moving on your own, youll likely either have to work all weekend or take a few days off from your job to make sure everything makes the trip as safely as possible. The move requires you to rent a moving truck or hire movers, both of which can be expensive depending on how long everything takes. Purchasing supplies that include countless boxes, packing tape and other items is also very expensive. These expenses cant be controlled.

You can control your electrical consumption and save money in both locations through adequate planning. Electrical bills are often high under normal conditions. Two electrical bills for your old home and the new one adds a lot of money to an already expensive endeavor.

Sit down and make a concrete plan for how long the move will take. Be realistic, as you dont want to plan for a two day move that suddenly turns into three or four days due to improper planning. Give yourself extra time for circumstances you cant plan for. If you estimate your move will take eight hours, plan on it taking nine or ten. If youre moving from one part of the city to another, consider the traffic patterns at the times of day when youll be driving around. Pack all of your possessions and organize the boxes before the day of the move to minimize the time youll need to spend at your old home when the day arrives. Have extra supplies like boxes or packing materials on hand all day.

Dont use any electricity that is unnecessary during the move. Disconnect all appliances and television sets as soon as they stop being necessary. Devices like television sets use “phantom electricity,” which means they are drawing a charge even when powered off so long as a unit is plugged into a wall outlet. Pull the plug on the morning of the move to avoid extra charges due to phantom electricity.

Look at a calendar to find when you should plan for the event to happen. Most of the time you wont have as much leeway with these days as you initially think. To avoid paying rent at your new location for a period of time where you arent moved in, youll want to move as close to the lease as possible. However, to avoid paying rent or a mortgage at your old home, move as close to the end of the month as possible.

Talk to your new landlord to see if you can move in boxes before the lease begins.

Call your electricity companies and make arrangements to have service switched on the dates you previously decided. You will need electricity in both locations during the movie. Call to connect service at your new home or apartment ahead of time, so you have working appliances and lights when you get there. It is especially important to have a working electrical connection if your move will take into the night.

Once you determine when youre moving out, you know the date when service can be disconnected at your old residence. Call your old provider and have service disconnected as close to that date as possible. The process is simple if you are maintaining the same energy provider for both addresses. Transfer your account to the new address, at which point nothing else changes with your account. If you are switching companies, make two calls one to the old company and one to the new company to start service a day before the move. Make sure that you are physically present at the new address during the service appointment. Most companies require the account holder to be there when the technician switches on electricity.

So long as youve planned properly and have accurate dates, you wont pay for a kilowatt hour of electricity that you dont need to. Write down the customer service telephone numbers to both companies ahead of time in the event that a problem occurs on the day of the move.

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