Ways A Chiropractor Can Treat Postural Kyphosis

If you have an excessive curvature in the upper back, you may have a condition called postural kyphosis. In its milder forms, this type of kyphosis isnt dangerous, but can lead to aches and pains. Similarly, because it makes the upper spine curved, it gives the impression of poor posture. This can affect your overall appearance as well as the impression others get of you upon meeting. Fortunately, a chiropractor can assist with both remedying the curvature and also reducing pain. Read on for some of the common ways in which chiropractors can help.

Teach You How to Strengthen Your Abdominal Muscles

Many people dont realize that the abdominal muscles provide critical support to the back and spine. Most of us already know about sit-ups and crunches, but there are actually a wide variety of exercises that strengthen the entire abdominal region without putting undue stress on the shoulders and neck. After evaluating your specific problem, a skilled chiropractor can teach you appropriate abdominal exercises that will help support your posture. It is important to learn from a professional since doing these exercises incorrectly can actually damage the back—leading to increased pain and dysfunction.

Create a Specialized Stretching Routine

Tight muscles and inflexibility can prevent your body from achieving correct posture. Sometimes postural kyphosis is caused by very stiff muscles and joints which inhibit the ability of the spine to stretch to its full extent. A chiropractor can create a specialized stretching routine that will target the muscles and joints that are causing the problem. Often these stretches make use of special equipment such as large foam rollers.

Reduce Inflammation

As medical science improves and expands, the role that inflammation plays in a variety of diseases and disorders is becoming more well-known. Through treatments targeting the spine, chiropractors can influence the general health and well-being of the entire body. Your chiropractor may be able to devise a strategy to reduce inflammation, thereby allowing your body to move back into correct alignment.

Pain Reduction

Unfortunately, for some people postural kyphosis leads to frequent pain and discomfort. The good news is that chiropractors are specialists in treating pain. Generally speaking, Kyphosis causes pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. A skilled chiropractor will ask you to describe the pain, its exact location, and frequency. Then a series of adjustments will be conducted. This often requires visiting the chiropractor once or twice a week for a period of weeks or months. The pay-off can be quite impressive, though. Many people report complete cessation of pain. Likewise, although some worry that these adjustments will be uncomfortable, in actuality; the majority of such treatments are completely painless; some even find them relaxing.

Upon being diagnosed with postural kyphosis, many people feel a sense of despair. A lot of physicians simply recommend trying to stand up straighter, without providing adequate support, guidance, and assistance.

A chiropractor, however, will provide a comprehensive program to improve your condition to the fullest possible extent. If you want to talk to a San Diego based Chiropractor, you may visit the following website:

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