VST Lighting’s Rechargeable Solar Camping Lights Provides Adequate Lighting For Outdoor Activities

Shenzhen, China (20.05.2019) – VST Lighting Co., Ltd is one of the leading LED manufacturers of China that supplies LED lighting products to both businesses and industries through meticulous and diligent diversification. VST Lighting is a top choice for commercial, industrial as well as household customers for their well researched and carefully crafted LED products that meet the highest industry standards. One of their best selling products is the linear shaped easy to hold rechargeable Solar Camping Lights that not only serves as a camping light but doubles as a power bank as well to charge mobile phones and other gadgets.

The Solar Camping Lights manufactured by VST Lighting can be installed in three ways, i.e., vertically, horizontally, or pasted on some metal due to its attached magnets. It provides three options of power, including 3w, 5w, and 8w that conveys 25w/40w/60w equivalent conventional incandescent. The light comes with a 3.7V 2600mAh lithium battery that can work for over 6 hours and also has 6V 1.8W optional solar panel to enable outdoor charging where there is sunlight. Apart from camping lighting, the trendy elegant looking rechargeable solar camping light can be used for a variety of illumination purposes, including emergency lighting, night market lighting, hiking lighting, or as a portable light.

Besides the solar camping light, VST Lighting manufactures a range of LED lighting products that are supplied to various parts of the world. Some of their products include outdoor solar lights, LED retrofit lamps, LED corn light, LED desk lamp, solar lanterns, and much more. More detailed information about their Solar Camping Light is listed on https://www.vst-lighting.com/product/solar-camping-lights/.

About Solar Camping Lights:
VST Lighting Co., Ltd manufactures linear shaped rechargeable solar camping lights that can be used for various different purposes apart from camping. This one of a kind light has a 2600mAh battery that can work for over 6 hours.

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Linear shaped rechargeable Solar Camping Lights offered by VST Lighting Co., Ltd is ideal for camping purposes and works for over 6 hours



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