VST Lighting Co. Ltd Introduces High Performance LED Retrofit Lamps At Competitive Prices

China (June, 2019) – Leading manufacturer of evolved LED lighting solutions, VST Lighting Co. Ltd. has introduced outstanding LED retrofit lamps that are not only rich in evolved features but are incomparably cost effective as well. These 360 degree lamp base rotatable options with illumination power ranging from 60W to 180W are designed to suit an array of commercial and industrial applications seamlessly.

Like all other illumination solutions designed by VST Lighting Co. Ltd, the LED retrofit lamps boast over 30000 hours of lifespan and less than 2% failure rate making them the most trustworthy solutions in comparison with competing products. The retrofit LEDs can further save energy consumption by as much as 50% making them budget compatible and eco friendly at the same time.

Besides maintaining the quality and applicability of LED retrofit lamps, VST Lighting Co. Ltd has ensured maintaining very competitive pricing in these otherwise exceptional products; a harmony that competing providers may take years to match. VST Lighting Co Ltd has also been appreciated for taking additional measures to enhance the trust quotient of these retrofit systems with 3 years warrantee and freight charges in warrantee period shouldered completely by them.

About VST Lighting Co Ltd:
VST Lighting Co. Ltd. is one of the leading China based manufacturer of high quality LED lighting solutions. With a little over 5 years in the market, the company has already won the trust of global buyers for offering evolved, durable and cost-effective LED lights for commercial, industrial and residential purposes.

More information on VST Lighting Co. Ltd in terms of products and purchase policies is available at https://www.vst-lighting.com/product/led-retrofit-kits/

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Led Retrofit Lamps from VST Lighting Co Ltd are designed to offer clear, bright, eco friendly illumination for commercial and industrial usage. These advanced lighting solutions have been priced very competitively as well.



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