Volleyball Review: A Closer Standpoint

Introduction to Volleyball Skills

The 4 corners of the volleyball court provide enough challenge for ballers to play intelligently. Each player must possess the correct skill to match up with their opponents – maintaining the true spirit competition. A combination of this skill will sum up to a successful play that can be appreciated by volleyball players and fans.


Serving is used to start the play. It is done by swing an arm into the ball, delivering it over the net, and into the opponent’s court.


Another volleyball skill is passing. It is the act of delivering the ball to a teammate so that he can either drive the ball and score a point or prepare and set the ball for a spiker to attack. Passing can be done in two techniques namely, the dig and the bump.


Once the ball is handed to a player, he has a choice to set the ball. Setting is the act of passing the ball up high to prepare an attacker or spiker.

Setting involves touching the ball with finger pads and immediately fully extending the arms.


As the ball is set, a spiker can come rushing in to drive the ball towards the opponent’s court. Spiking can be done in two basic shots, cross-court shot and baseline shot. Once the opponents has witnessed how your team can successfully deliver a hit, you can now employ other offensive options such as dinks and tips.


A counter against spiking is blocking. When correctly done, a defending team can block, sending the ball back soon after the attack, or if not, slow down the driven ball for another defender to dig.

Blocking needs you to stand facing the net with extended arms above the head, anticipating to deflect the ball back when you jump.

Receiving the Serve

Reception comes soon after an opposing team’s successful service. When correctly done, the team can proceed to setting, then spiking.

The use of the skills listed above does not follow the order. Random court circumstances will arise and will require a specific move. Volleyball training and practice is needed keep up.Are you tired of the same old ball games? Why not try volleyball? Hayley Merret invites newbies and seasoned players alike to read his volleyball training system. The drills have helped many boost their game play. Grab a copy now! This article is copyright protected.