Valleys of Adventure: White Water Sports out of Chamonix

A jet of water hits your face, icy cold from the snow melt. You clear your eyes just in time to see yourself tipping down into another wave that splashes in your face and then crashes around you. You grip the paddle and brace against the raft. A voice yells “Left!” You follow the instruction. Plunging your paddle into the white, bubbling water, you feel the craft spin out of the current and slowly come to a stop at the side of the river. As you regain your bearings you realise you are a person down. The guide throws a rope and pulls your team member back on-board. Everyone starts to laugh, cheer and compare notes, looking up at the mass of turbulent water of La Dora Baltea.

Thrill seekers need look no further than the French Alps. From world class skiing, to paragliding, rock climbing and white water sports, these mountains are a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of extreme sports. For those heading out in the summer months, canyoning and white water rafting are opportunities for serious adventure. With many groups based out of Chamonix, in close proximity to steep and high volume rivers, this is an accessible, exciting and unique way to see the stunning Alpine scenery.

White Water Rafting:
• Descend rapids and drops and learn how to manoeuvre a boat on the water.
• Beginner, intermediate and extreme rafting locations.
• Groups of 4-10 with an experienced guide.
• Ultimate team building activity! Go with friends or make new ones on the water.
• Trips range from a couple of hours to several days.
• Possibility to move on to smaller, two person inflatable kayaks!

• Abseil down waterfalls, free fall into pristine pools and scramble in steep valleys.
• Enter the wilderness and feel the remoteness of the Alpine canyons.
• Accessible for any strong swimmers over 8 years old. Head for heights is preferable!
• 2-3 hours in the water.


Companies such as Evolution 2 lead regular trips out of Chamonix in the summer months. Based in the large and busy main town, rafters will be able to finish their days at one of the many pubs, bars and clubs. Choose from a huge selection of hotels, or hostels for young travellers looking for cheap accommodation and a way to meet like-minded travellers!

Adventure lovers could top off their holiday with a hike, trail running or mountain biking trips, all easily accessible from Chamonix.

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The drive from Chamonix to Gevena takes just over an hour and ascends up through the mountains, setting the scene for the rest of your adventure!

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