Upgrade the service regularly to meet the requirement or succumb to the battle of competition

The business experiences rivalry when every seller aims to capture utmost sales, profit and market-share by offering the best combination of price, service and quality in an atmosphere where market information is accessible to every player. Here competition plays the role of a regulator balancing the supply with demand.

What competition does?

Healthy competitions result in price adjustments, quality improvisations, service up- gradation and edging-out inferior products. The negative side of competition results in the business experiencing irreparable damage, loss of investments, drain of scarce and valuable energy and resources, civilian life sacrifice due to imperfections in quality, in working relationship and in atmosphere. Although the negative impact sound sinister, many a time, to weed out the inefficient, lacking innovation but sticking to the worn-out philosophies, competition comes handy. Hence the business competition that brings forth the innovations is welcome.

Competition and Service Industry

In a service industry, the competition plays the same role. However, the impact is severe as the weaker player succumbs if does not rectify immediately. Likewise, the ones at the threshold will not avert the inevitable if the corrective steps are not implemented. The steps and actions mean the efforts to improvise and updating the quality.


Stale and obsolete service will certainly bring in competition. For this purpose, innovation is the key. The innovative ideas on upgrading the service with additional and allied services at discounted or nil rates will be warranted to keep one in business. Upgrading the services/products, improving their features, introducing value-added capabilities in them are all called innovations in service or the software industry.

Communication and News-sharing

The staleness results when the two-way communication of market requirements from the market to the business, and developments in the business to the market, fails and the news is not shared. The solution is found in the efforts of the business to pass on the news about the achievements, innovations and upgraded services to the consumer-user forum ensuring to be proactive instead of reacting.

Efforts by 3D Pageflip Pro

When it comes to upgrading the others, one has to appreciate the efforts of the 3D Pageflip maker, the developer of the software called 3D Pageflip Professional. This software provider is abreast with market requirements and developments. The earlier version of the product contained Pageflip option, the facility to convert the docile PDF to flippingbook with realistic effect containing chosen audio-video interaction in a background embedded with animation and sound effects, and chosen music album.

With the view not to be left behind in ever-changing and continuously revolutionizing software environment, the software maker has in a span of a little over 120 days brought out upgraded versions of this program from version 1.5.2 through to version 1.6.1. From a mere product with 360 degrees to the 3D product, and addressing the issues as basic as flipping failures and page number sequencing failure etc, reached to that stage where uploading into 3D Pageflip Server is facilitated after presenting the font, etc. together with adding dynamic background scenes and sound effects.

This phenomenon reveals the acumen of the 3D flipbook maker pro to bring about updating and up-gradation to remain afloat.