Unforgettable Canada Tours: Discover Victoria and Vancouver

If you are thinking of exploring the Canadian Rockies, Vancouver and Victoria are worth a visit along the way. Each city offers a plethora of attractions and, combining this with their beauty, it’s no wonder they are among Canada’s most popular tourist destinations. Here are some of the top spots to visit while you’re travelling.


Canada tours passing through Vancouver will have plenty to offer. The city combines natural beauty with thrilling activity, boasting a bustling central hub and astonishing scenery everywhere you turn. Read on to discover Vancouver’s top three attractions.


Just the place for history buffs – this is the oldest precinct in the city and is home to some well-preserved Victorian buildings atop authentic cobblestones. The area is full of cultural and historical heritage, and the scenery has familiar characteristics of Victorian England.

•China Town

The photogenic China Town makes a great addition to your trip and has several restaurants to try if you fancy a bite to eat. Don’t miss the Dir. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Garden or the Sam Kee Building – both equally impressive attractions.

•Granville Island

This is a wonderfully unique place to spend a few hours of your day. An eclectic mix of galleries and theatres accompany a quaint market at the centre of the headland, selling fresh foods and on-the-go snacks. There are friendly faces everywhere you turn which will make it a joyous part of your visit.


This colonial city is home to some nineteenth-century landmarks that give it a somewhat imperial aura. The unusual architecture and surrounding floral gardens stand before a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, making for postcard-perfect photographs. Here are the favourite tourist attractions of Victoria…

•Royal British Columbia Museum

For culture lovers, this museum is an ideal place to visit. Journey into British Columbian heritage and explore the many artefacts on show, including the interactive replica of HMS Discovery (a highlight of the museum for a lot of vistors). Exhibits range from aboriginal relics to unusual rainforest plants; there is plenty to see and it is easy to spend a few hours here. Immerse yourself in history with some sensory experiences before enjoying some refreshments in the café.

•Buchart Gardens

Now the largest garden in Canada, this is a must-see. The mild year-round climate ensures that the flora is consistently in bloom, making for a picturesque expanse that is redolent with wonderful fragrances. Other gardens in this location include the Rose Garden, Sunken Garden and the Japanese Garden. Canada tours often pass thorough these.

•Maritime Museum of British Columbia

This museum is a convenient stop off, as it is located just a few minutes from the Old Town in which you can enjoy some authentic bars, restaurants and shops (including Roger’s Chocolate). The museum itself provides information about maritime history, and displays a wide range of ship-related artefacts and exhibits. In the centre of the building lies an impressive canoe vessel called ‘Tilikum’, which has a rich history itself.

Some travel tour operators offer bespoke Canada tours, so get in touch with a specialist to create your ideal Canadian getaway.

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Author: Desiree Michels