Understanding Postini Service Migration

There are different features that a Postini service could provide including web security, the provision of emails and archiving of information as well. Email archiving may be an optional feature and in addition, Postini services could include data and system protection through email junk-mail filtering. Dangerous programs could also be stooped from entering inbox through specific Postini service configurations. Postini service process billions of emails monthly and is described as a web-service that provides a cross-platform ability. Originally founded in 1999, the Postini Company was acquired by Goggle in 2007. Google has in the past years also acquired a variety of other businesses and products and integrated these products with its brand of tools and services including web search engines, weblog software, online advertising, image organizers, traffic analysis, HTML editor, social networking service, mobile software, aerial photography, micro-blogging and other products and services which were once the core products of other organizations.

As experts in web and email security, the Postini service provided value to millions of people. Post-acquisition by Google, the Postini service was referred to as Google Postini Services and some initial product features were discontinued. However, in 2012, Google discontinued the entire Postini platform and transitioned the remaining Postini service features into Google Apps. The transition of Postini services to Google Apps is aimed at providing more robust services and similar protection for emails. Archiving features are also available with the Google Apps platform. In addition, Google Apps is able to connect with other mail servers like Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange. This is very appealing to email owners and users who may not necessarily want to switch their email service needs to Gmail, which is Google’s official email service provision platform.

The ability to integrate with non-Google mail servers provides a more robust and inclusive framework. The transition between the Postini service and Google Apps was between two Google Apps tools namely the Google Apps for Business and the Google Apps Vault. Postini product features such as the Google Message Security feature will be transitioned to the Google Apps for Business product. However, the Google Message Discovery Postini product will be migrated to both the Google Apps for Business and Google Apps Vault products. Some previous products such as the Google Message Filtering service have been removed or phased out. Also, the Postini Small Business edition is another feature that was phased out.

Beyond the migration of Postini services to Google Apps, customers and users of these services are still expected to maintain their email security, be free from spam in their inboxes and also get adequate routing for emails. The Postini migration to Google Apps also aimed at providing a more stable and robust email and web security service, especially in relation to the much more easily recognized Google brand. The transition of Google Postini Services to Google Apps for Business and Google Apps Vault was scheduled to begin in 2013. Such transitions could be challenging. However, the change management process also involves constantly communicating with customers to ensure successful transition.

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