Ulloo New York Seeks Kickstarter Funding For Creating Interchangeable Leather Handbags

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New York (December 22, 2017) – Ulloo New York is the producer of Interchangeable Leather Handbag sets that are made out of premium quality Italian leather. People often want customizable bags for their daily use and with the products of Ulloo New York it can be easily accomplished. The unique aspect of the bags created by Ulloo New York is that each and every part of the bags can be chosen separately by the users who are looking to buy them. This means that one can choose a specific body, and then combine it with a flap and a strap according to her personal preferences. Each and every part of these bags is completely interchangeable with other components. This makes the bags offered by Ulloo New York quite unique and one of a kind.

The Ulloo New York handbags feature premium quality Italian leather along with additional features like canvas inner lining, brass snap buttons, inner pockets with leather trimming, brass studs and magnetic enclosure. The professionals at Ulloo New York make use of the best practice methods in order to create these bags. The project is currently seeking Kickstarter funding for their production and developmental goals. The goal of the project is to raise a sum of $21000 by Monday, January 15, 2018. The main team of Ulloo New York consists of Young Lee and Hero Choudhary and they are offering rewards for all men and women who are going to pledge for the project and contribute in their own ways to make this project a grand success.

About Ulloo New York:
Ulloo New York is a project that aims at creating Interchangeable Leather Handbag made out of high quality Italian leather. The project owners are currently seeking Kickstarter funding for the project.

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Ulloo New York is a project that focuses on creating top-quality Interchangeable Leather Handbags for customers. The project owners are currently looking for Kickstarter crowdfunding to support the expenses associated with this project. 

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