Types of Organza Bags, Textures and their Different Functionalities

Organza is a thin light fabric that is used to produce various bags and garments. Its texture is a brittle, stiff feel, and comes in a huge collection of features and colors. Organza bags may be generally small, with a drawstring that functions as suspenders. They are used to store gifts, grocery, jewelry and so much more.

How Organza is made
The organza fabric is made up of pressure twisted yarn and gummy silk from silk worms. The fibres used in the fabric give it a stiff feel. Professional weavers entwine the fibres in a simple design. Organza is dyed using rich colors because its sheer value can make the colour give the notion of lightness. After the organza fabric is manufactured and dyed, it is then cut and folded up to create a hem and margin that is stitched to another piece of organza fabric to create the bag shape. The bag opening is then pierced in a number of places and a draws-string is sewn through.

Functions of Organza Bags
Organza bags have various uses owing to the different sizes, colors and patterns they come in. They are a trendy alternative for weddings and party gifts. Organza bags are typically filled with small tokens such as chocolates, candy, or occasion cards. These bags are also gifted to guests as a way of showing appreciation for their attendance. They are also used as a storage facility for gifts like jewelry and wine. They generally are a creative and decorative way to present a nice gift to a loved one.

Decorating Organza Bags
These favour bags make beautiful wedding favours with very little effort. All you have to do is pop your token inside, and pull the drawstring Most of the favour bags can be used just as they are, but you could also adorn them with added flowers, ribbons or bows to make them stand out. If you are using them as small gift bags, you may wrap the gift inside in paper handkerchief to avoid the transparency of what is within, as organza gift bags are made of sheer light fabric.
Types of Organza Bags
If you prefer larger organza gift bags, then you may consider alternative square drawstring favour bag that is a generous 35 by35cm and quite ideal for bigger gifts. The strung out edge gives these organza bags an incredible figure as a finished product so they are sure to impress your guests. Numerous organza gift bags are prepared by size and style, to fit the various functions you may need them. They can also be used at home as backpacks, travel bags, or even to put in groceries while shopping.

Organza bags can be found easily in online stores or you can stitch them by yourself using the organza fabric, which is readily available in the market. They come in many shades and colors such as ivory, turquoise, aqua, shades of blue, lavender, black, and many more colors.

When you purchase organza bags in wholesale, you get discounts ranging from 10% depending on the quantity of your merchandize. The bags also come in various categories like; gusset organza bags, crystal organza bags, flat organza bags and so much more .Organza bags are great gift wrappers especially during weddings.

Many people store their jewelry and precious gifts in organza bags. These bags are very helpful especially at parties, weddings and social gatherings that require gifts. These pouches come in handy since they have an assortment of designs made with different fabrics and colours. Organza bags are your timeless most favoured bags for any occasion.

  Many people store their jewelry and precious gifts in organza bags. Get the one for you.

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